Weird period

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Weird period

Postby NZgal » Sat Aug 15, 2015 6:50 am

I just needed to talk to someone Thought here might be worth a try.
A bit of history first:
I am 31, been trying for 2 years, I'm overweight, suspected PCOS (last blood test was normal range tho), 1 miscarriage, long irregular periods till last 6 months or so. I am usually anywhere between 33-36 days and bleed 7-9days. Last 4 periods I start with spotting, bleed, some decent clots last few days, then brown blood then stop.
Got use to this cycle but this month was weird, starting spotting 4th Aug till 6th when had nothing, 7th brown stuff and 8th till 13th blood, but very light and no clots. I am now feeling like I normally do BEFORE my cycle not after.
Symptoms: very grumpy/irritable, emotional (cried cos I ripped my fave jeans), sore back, on and off bloating, lil niggles lower abdomen, boobs sensitive but not (sorry hard to describe), also been sick with colds/flus for 2 months and still have a terrible hacky cough, weird dreams that seem real but I hardly remember them.
Is it all in my head like normal? Trying for so long I feel like giving up, everyone says don't try, don't think about it but how do you stop thinking about it when it is all you ever wanted? Sorry to go on feeling lost and upset.
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