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Green poop

PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:15 pm
by _snowwhite_
Has anyone else experienced this? I think I may be pregnant due to other symptoms but I'm not due for another 4 days. but I just noticed this started last night.

I am not on any prenatal (yet) and haven't had anything green and leafy since about the 8th of august. Before that I ate a lot of lettuce and broccoli and had never had it happen.

The only two other times I noticed it was with my first pregnancy in 2012 (ended in miscarriage but I wasn't taking prenatals) and a suspected pregnancy in may 2014. I never confirmed that one, I just had what I thought was a period after having suspected implantation 7 days after ovulation. But now I'm thinking it might have been a pregnancy. I was taking prenatal during that one though.

I digress. Anyone have this symptom? I've also been having on again off again diarrhea since Tuesday. Nothing extreme though.