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Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:02 am

Hi all!

FeeFee, I'm sorry AF came. Hugs. Happy birthday!! I hope you had a lovely one! I keep forgetting it's summer there! Let us know how you go with the next swab.

MrsBrown, welcome! Keep us posted no how your symptoms go!

Shia, the wonder weeks app and book take you through the leaps that buns have in their learning development. They tell you when your Bub is due to go through a leap (based on due date not birth date). It is great as it explains why Bub is grisly and what they are going through.
Harriet loves sucking on her dummy! I've got 12 months off, but hoping not to go back. We're thinking of moving to Melbourne as we want to buy a house. 2 bed apartments in Sydney are about 1.1 million and tiny where as the same price in Melbourne will get us a 3-4 bedroom house with a yard.
Harry has refux really badly and does exactly what Ariah does. Harry fights with my nipple at the end of feeding, vomits heaps including projectile, coughs, sneezes heaps and wheezes, which are all reflux symptoms. The doctor diagnosed her with reflux and said to give her 1ml of mylanta after feeding. It's helped a lot!
I wouldn't be too concerned about her weight just yet. Harry is 'under weight' just under the 50th percentile and has only out on 800g since leaving hospital (meant to put on 200g per week). But she is in the 97th percentile for height haha! The community nurse and our doctor said not to worry about her weight until the 4 month check up but to monitor it.
You're going back to work so soon! Are you going back part time or full time?
Have you had any symptoms from the mini pill?

AFM: Harriet is 8 weeks old this week! Eek! Harriet is more like a little person than a baby now. She has her own personality!
My OB check up is this Friday, hopefully I get the all clear, I cants see why. I'm interested in finding out if I have any abdominal separation, I don't think I do. After the appointment I'm signing up for F45 and getting back to fitness. It's also going to be my time to look after me, which my husband is very supportive of. I was super fit and lean before I got pregnant but after having bubs I've been so depressed about my body. On one hand I'm so thankful for being able to create and carry our little baby but on the other I find it hard to cope with how my body looks now. I get shy around my husband and won't let him see my tummy. So hopefully getting back to exercise will help.
This coming Sunday I'm doing city 2 surf which is a 14km run in Sydney. I do it every year but this year I'll be walking with Harry!

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:08 am

Hi all- I'm new to the board and in my 2ww. It has been torture! I've had light spotting off and on for 3 days now and I'm hoping it is implantation bleeding. Also have had a decrease in appetite (though not really nausea) anyone else had similar symptoms?

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:01 pm

Hi Ladies,

Daisy Welcome to the Group :) How many DPO are you? How long have you been TTC?

Ewar I'll definatly check out the Wonder Apps but I currently use Baby Center and it does that same sort of thing :) Although Baby Center is based on Birth date. Although I think yours sounds a bit more indepth. Wow Melbourne is a long way to move but I can definatly see why you would want to. Sydney is very expensive. We had looked into moving their for work but found the prices ridiculous :P Newcastle has similar princed housing if you look about 30 to 45 min outside of the CBD but in saying that Melbourne has way more work going than Newcastle does at the current point. My Dr wont diagnose Ariah with Reflux as he said it is very rare for a breastfed baby (I think he needs a bit of an update in this departement personally but I'm not the dr). He has reccomended we go see a baby chiropractor before we try medications . Currently I'm trying to give her smaller feeds more periodically as she used to go 2-3 hours between feeds and have a huge amount now she has a feed every 1-2 hours and its not so big. I'm also trying to cut alot of dairy out to see if that helps her. So far its been pretty good :) I'm glad to hear Harry is doing better on the Mylanta :) I'm sorry to hear she is Under weight. Ariah has was 3.3 kgs when she was born and at her 6 week check up (took place at 7 weeks) she is 4.3 so she has gained a kg. Which means she's gaining about 143gs a week so under the amount required :( Still I'm glad to hear Harry is doing well in her other percentiles...Wow shes a tall baby :P Ariah is in th 50th percentile for height. Does Harry still fit into 000 with her height. I'm finding Ariah is getting to long for her onsies and can't straighten her legs properly in them :/ so you must be struggling with it ???? and Yeah I'm going back to work in October. My work doesn't pay maternity leave so I had to do Paid Parental leave though Centerlink. Benifits of being an RN :P I'm only going bck part time (1-3 days a fortnight) just to make a little bit extra money :) Part of me wishes I could stay at home with Ariah forever but I tend to get bored very easily. I've worked for 7 years none stop...Not sure I don't know how to work LOL And no I'm finding the mini pill really good. No side effects so far. But in saying that I have only been on it a month so that could change. Glad to hear you are getting back into fitness. I plan to go back to boot camp next week :) not sure what I'm going to do with Ariah while I go. They have a kids section but she doesn't like being left sitting anywhere for to long :P Have fun with city to surf :) Good luck with Harry and your check up :) let us know how it goes :)

AFM: Nothing much to report Ariah and I are doing good :) and she is slowly letting me put her in her swing for longer periods of time... She hates sleep....Loves it once she is asleep but getting her to go down in the first place is a pain in the bum LOL she resists it like no tomorrow :P Ariah is a real little person now :) Her personality is all her own and she is one bossy kid :P Anyway hope you are all doing ok :) Let us know how you get on :D

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:44 am

Hey guys! Been trying for baby number two for about 6 months now. I have pcos so I don't have a regular period. I was lucky to get pregnant with baby number 1!.. So annoying!! My doc put me on provera to bring a period on in May. Only did one cycle of that & let my body try to do the rest. I finally got a natural period on July 19th!!! I was shocked but thankful! I try to use the ovulation tests but they're not very accurate for pcos ladies. Not sure when I ovulated but according to apps it should have been around July 31!.. I don't know when I did or even if I did but this past Monday I was having pretty intense lower back pain & it's been going on and off for a few days. That's about my only symptom if it's even cause I'm pregnant! I'm really hoping I am!! Took some tests but I think it was too early. I didn't get a positive test for my first baby until 4 weeks after my period. I usually track it that way instead of ovulation because the tests don't work for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and trying not to take too many tests until next weds. It's hard tho!! Lol good luck to all!!!

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:50 am

Hi everyone

Sorry for been so quiet recently but I've been so busy these last few weeks with my birthday, families birthdays and a christening to attend!

I hope your all doing well and welcome to the new ladies!

I'm on CD12 and waiting to O in the next few days but I'm not doing anything to track it as me and DH have spoken and we both accept now that we're not going to get Pregnant until we've had some medical help.

So no temping or using OPKs which I'm fine with as I hate the stress of them all! We're just enjoying sex again without the worry of getting pregnant (we didn't do it for two whilst I was taking the antibiotics and waiting for it to work fully).

I had my swabs done again on Friday after taking the the antibiotics to check I'm clear of BV and providing I'am them I can book in for the HSG the first week of Sept when I get AF.

Our follow up appt with the consultant is 13th October which seems ages away but the weeks are going quickly at the moment so it'll be here soon enough!

Think that's all I've got to update you all with for now!


Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:42 am

Hi Ladies! Been reading through these posts for a long time now and just wanted to get in on the TWW support with you all! I am currently on CD19 of a typical 29 day cycle. According to temps and OPK I O'd on CD15/16. We BD'd on CD 13, 14, 16, 17 and so I'm feeling hopeful this month! I am 28 and we have been trying for our first child for 10 months now after I came off the pill in Sept/Oct 2016. After a massive 42 day long cycle back in January/February my cycles came back to around 30 days and have now settled on 28-29 days (consistent over past few months). My man already has a daughter from a previous relationship so we know that his stuff works and this month I got my first positive OPK (smiley face with CB) so things are looking up!

This is also the first month that I have started temping daily (I have temped in the past but found it difficult to temp at the right time due to shift work) and I am now really getting to grips with my body in this way. I have also altered my diet to include all those essential vitamins and have started exercising regularly. However, whilst I'm waiting to test, I'm wondering how I can work out my cover-line temp. Below are all my temps for this cycle... some of them I found a bit 'weird' especially in relation to my +OPK). Can anyone interpret at all? I'll chuck in any symptoms too...

CD1- 96.68
CD2 - 96.57
CD3 - 96.48
CD4 - 96.85 (end of period)
CD5 - 96.84
CD6 - 96.85
CD7 - 96.39 (random pink spotting)
CD8 - 96.49 (watery CM)
CD9 - 96.64 (watery CM)
CD10 - 96.64 (watery CM)
CD11 - 96.89 (watery CM - start of fertile window according to ovia app)
CD12 - 96.35
CD13 - 96.17 (watery CM. BD'd ... Temp Drop?)
CD14 - 96.69 (watery CM. BD'd)
CD15 - 97.52 (creamy CM, nausea, some cramping. POSITIVE OPK! Temp Rise?)
CD16 - 96.71 (creamy CM, nausea, a lot of cramping. BD'd - Temp drop again??)
CD17 - 96.94 (dry CM, nausea. BD'd)
CD18 - NO TEMP (doh!)
CD19 - 97.20 (watery CM)

Fairly confident that my temp has been rising since the temp drop on CD16. Which is a good sign, right? In that my body is doing what it is supposed to be doing (generally speaking). However, confused about the significant temp rise on CD15 alongside the positive OPK. I thought Positive OPK would be FOLLOWED by a temp rise as +OPK signifies that ovulation is DUE within the following days? Can anyone help explain whether my temps seem 'normal' and also if my temps have stayed above the 'coverline' temp (whatever that is) after ovulation? And perhaps you may have some thoughts on when I actually ovulated? I think somewhere between CD13-15 which would put me at 5/7DPO - But I might be wrong? Sorry about the missing temp on CD18...

If anyone is on the same page as me then please let me know too! :) Would love to share the TWW with some peeps.

Many thanks, Lish x

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Wed Aug 16, 2017 7:08 am

Omg ladies im being started on the stim today no waiting for rf my follicle are nice and quite and my lining is just perfect. Was not expecting this to be so fast. My head is spinning. Ok ok they started me on 150 follistim and 75 menopur. No lupron on this cycle but will be on ganirelix started on day 6 of stim. Ladies please please keep me on your prayers. So i guess we are a week ahead of schedule for egg retrival. Ivf here we come

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:49 pm

Hi ladies!

Sorry I've been MIA - I'm currently overseas.

Shia - thank you! Yes I went and did the blood test and it was positive! I've been taking Elevit since I saw the doc. I really didn't expect it to happen so fast. I'm in Greece at the moment on holiday and we were meant to be due back 29 Aug but are coming home a little early on the 24 as I'm not feeling too comfortable unfortunately. Some days are ok but others I'm exhausted from doing nothing, my breasts ache, I feel like throwing up and the past few days I've had (sorry TMI) very light brown dc so I really just want to go home lol from my calculations I'm 6 weeks 6 days pregnant today. I have my first appointment with the ob gyn on 5 sep.
Oh my Ariah is absolutely gorgeous!

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Sat Aug 19, 2017 4:33 am

Hi Ladies

Shia and Ewar I hope your both doing well along with your little girls?

Mgulpe - how exciting I'm so glad you made the decision to do IVF and I've got everything crossed for you this month that this will be your time, you really deserve it!!!

MrsA - glad to hear your blood test was positive but sorry your feeling so uncomfortable and are having to finish your holiday early but if your happier at home then it makes sense good luck for your first appt in Sept!

Lishy - welcome to the group! It's difficult to get a good idea of what could be happening with just temps, can you put a pic of your ovia app as that would be easier to read?
You seem to be covered with the BDing during the right time matching up with the +OPK so it's looking good!

Margo - welcome to the group! I too have PCOS and use to get irregular periods but since losing +40lbs they have become more regular which helps when trying to determine ovulation.
All you can do is wait it out and keep testing! Good luck!

EOE - I hope your all doing well?

AFM - I'm not tracking anything this month (no OPKs or temping) just don't see the point as I know I'm not gonna get pregnant until we have a medical intervention.
I think I may have ovulated in the last day or so and we've had carefree sex when we wanted so no stress which has been nice!

In fact I actually want AF to arrive (she's due end of Aug/beg of Sept) so I can book in for my HSG test to check my tubes as I've been given the all clear from my latest swabs.
Hopefully the clear out will help and we might have a miracle before we go back to see the Consultant in Mid October to find out what our treatment plan will be?

Love to all!


Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:51 am

Hi FeeFee and all you other ladies in waiting! Thanks for your reply... today I am 8DPO (CD24). FF confirmed O on CD16 and as I mentioned above we BD'd CD13,14,16,17 :)

Well... today (8DPO) I have woken to a huge temp rise of 98.64 and I have overwhelming cold and flu symptoms. They started yesterday and have lasted all through the night and this morning (though I managed to sleep quite well after a lemsip!). Stuffy nose, coughing and sneezing and major fatigue but increased appetite. I have read that as progesterone levels rise and as implantation *may* be occurring, then these kind of symptoms can be a good sign as your immune system backs off (immunity lowers) to allow the 'foreign object' (fertilised egg) to implant! Is any of this true and can anyone let me know if you have had or are having the same symptoms?

FeeFee, as requested, please find my FF chart attached. Not sure why the app has put the last 3 temps as "clear circles" (perhaps timing slightly out as over the weekend + we BD'd in the AM of 6DPO and then went back to sleep and took temp after waking the second time that morning! so that temp may be disregarded ....) But I'm confident my temps have been steadily rising and the big jump today is definitely accurate....

So... what do you ladies think? Have any BFP'ers had symptoms like this around 7/8dpo?

Many thanks! Lish xx
FF 8dpo.jpg
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Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:12 am

Good Morning ladies, update on yesterday golliw up came out of my 5 day stem. Uterus lining at 10mm i have two dominant folicles one at 18mm and 19mm then i have one 14mm 3 13mm,11mm, 12mm and 3 at 10mm total of 11 folicle at the rase waiting on my estradiol levels for instruction. Next follow up on friday looking at sunday folicle retrival and if everything goes well Thursday the 31 will ne my transfer day. I personally was not to happy with ny folicles being all over the place but i guess he knows what hes doing. I started ganirelix last night until triger day.
How is everyone else doing?

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Sat Aug 26, 2017 6:26 am

Its been a little to quite here. How is everyone doing.
Feefee any update for us?
Well as for me bad and good news i have 11 folicles all over 17mm waithing on the lab to know our next step. Mostlikely egg retrival on sunday. Here is the bad news, my uterus lining from 10mm came down to none existing 5.3mm we will be cancelling the transfer to another day.  what a low blow.
Last night i trigger at 11pm. I was feeling down, wanting to cancel everything. Cried a little fall asleep. Woke up feeling ok but starting to feel the effect of the HSG shot. Egg retrival is schedule for tomorrow sunday at 9am. Hoping that they get all healthy eggies and that all the 11 make it to 5 day embies to freeze. Great now i have to stress and google over FET transfer and mor trips back and forth to PR.

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:27 pm

Today was my egg retrival. wanted to update. Not feeling the greatest but ok slept most of the day very crampy this afernoon,but noting i cant handel yet. Going back to bed. Final number of eggies was 12 yuppii. Tomorrow i will know how many fertilized. Although i was told all was going to be with the icsi. We also did sex selection of sprem to up our odd for a baby girl. 
Now the waiting time to see how many will make it to day 5. And what is the protocal on FET transfer.

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:57 pm

Good Mornong ladies, well didnt get what i was expecting. From 12 eggies, 7 was mature and 4 as of right now fertilized. It's not looking to good for a 5 day freeze. Feeling very disappointed. I was hopeful that ivf was my route for a baby and i guess i need to start preparing myself for the worst.

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

Tue Aug 29, 2017 1:40 pm

Hi girls, i am sorry for the big MIA, since i stopped working i was so busy ! preparing the room and making sure that we are ready to have the little one! I still have alot of catching up to do with all of you. I will take the time to read this week, but letting all of you girls know that me a little one are doing great! i am now at 38 and 3 days... alot of doctors appt. Had 0 contractions yet and i am not dilated.............. the wait is getting hard... i am tired, can't sleep anymore and can't wait to finally meet her!

Hope all of you are doing good :) can't wait to read what has been going on with you guys xo take care and talk to you soon
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