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Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:13 am
by Revan
I haven't had any dreams about being pregnant yet - I hope I do!

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:08 am
by mglupe1979
Hi ladies!!! Its been really quite hear. How is everyone doing? Im still here. The island was devasted pretty bad, however we are rising up. Everyday is a new day.
As for me i been working very hard to build my linning up for the pass 3 weeks and its not cooperating. I know that the stress does not help. Being on 8mg of estrogen pill daily and im stuck at 6mm will only one thing to do add delestrogen to my protocal for another week :) . Although my transfer day was cancel for this coming 26th of dec im feeling good that my doc will not transfer unless its 8mm or better. New date for me is Jan 3 2018 :).

Hope to hear from all of you ladies very soon. I want to day Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!

Wanted to update on the same post. Yesterday had a follow up and yes my lining was at 8.09mm yes we are schedule for the 3rd for the transfer of my embies. I have a date.

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 2:03 pm
by mglupe1979
Hi ladies, Happy new year!!, ufff im extited that tomorrow is my transfer day. Praying to God that both embies defrost and are ready to implant in there new home. Im nervous i can feel it in my stomach. Dont know how to relax grrr doc give me some relaxers to take from tomorrow but i really wanted to stay away from any addition medication beside the antibiotic and some thing else i have to start taken from tonight. Ufff never thought that this process of having a baby was going to be nerve wracking lol i feel more nervous now than on my wedding day.
I will keep you all posted on my transfer. Thank you ladies for your support. Let our 2018 journey begin.

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:39 pm
by sekttc
Howdy everyone I'm back! Dh and I started ttc #2 in Dec so I figured I'd come back to my favorite ttc group. It's been so quiet on here though I hope to hear from some of you and maybe see some new people too. I'm on cd 1 today so just the beginning of all the waiting. Oh and ds is 5.5 months old and just awesome, we love him so much! He is a happy baby who loves strangers and constantly needs to be entertained because he is too smart for us! Thanks to everyone here who supported me on that ttc journey.


Mglupe: good luck with the transfer! I understand why your nervous, I would be too. I hope everything goes smoothly and that this is your month! Sending you heaps of baby dust.

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:33 pm
by sekttc
mglupe- any updates? hoping for good news soon!

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:49 am
by mglupe1979
Hi sekttc, no update im 5dp5dt i started to test this am but nada yet. Actually im 4day 22hour post transfer lol i know its to early but i want to be able and get the bfp as it start to show. Praying to god he bless me with my little baby this year.

Ah is so nice for you to come back for your baby #2. Let see picture :) if that ok with u.
How long did it take you on the last tried?
Sending lots of baby dust!!

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:47 pm
by Shia17
Hi All,

Sorry its been awhile I actually thought the thread had died. No one was talking :(.

So glad to hear thats not true :D

mglupe - How has the IVF been going. Any updates. I can totally understand the want to test early. I'm definetly guilty of that. How have you been? Keeping my fingers crossed your prayers are answered this year :D

Sekttc - How are you and bubby doing? Wow 5.5 mths have gone by so fast :shock: What did you call your little fella again? How os TTC again going? Any sign of O yet? How long did it take for you to get AF back? Keep us posted fingers crossed for you :D

Revan - welcome to the group. How long have you been TTC?

AFM - We are doing good and little miss is 6 months old now :)

I'm no longer on birth control. and we are currently not actively trying just seeing what happens.

Only issue is as I'm still breastfeeding I have no period and no idea if i'm even near ovulating :( Ive been taking a test a month since I started having sex again just to be on the safe side. They no longer sell FRER at my local supermarkets though :( I had EWCM about a week ago. But no sign of AF yet. Just want my cycle back so I can noA where I am.

I'm hoping to fall around June so not a massive stress if I don't. That will make little miss 18 months when number 2 is born. Little Miss Ariah starts Daycare tomorrow one day a week and my OH is going away for 12 months with the air force (3 months training at Wagga Wagga - No visits and 10 months down Melbourne for employment training - He can visit from there and vise versa) So hopefully by the time he is able to visit we can start TTC.

Keep me posted on you BEAUTIFUL LADIES ive missed you guys :)

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:02 pm
by sekttc
Mglupe: does that equate to 10 dpo or is it different with iui? Basically what is your window for testing and when you would expect Af? I'm kmfx for you! It only took 2 months for me to conceive ds. I have a history of Endometriosis and my mom had fertility problems so I was sure I would. I stopped bc in July or Aug 2016 and we were actively trying in Sept and I got pregnant the next cycle. I jumped straight in with temping and checking cm and position and taking supplements and using preseed and mucinex and opks. I don't know if we just got lucky or if all that really helped.

Shia:so good to hear from you! I can't believe how fast time is flying! Lo is William but he goes by Liam. Ariah is so cute, and yay for being ready for more! That's a bummer that oh is going to be gone for so long though, I'm not sure how I would handle that. Is it something you have dealt with before? I was having some symptoms of o maybe back in Sept or Oct but I took several opks and none were positive and the symptoms went away after a few days. Then I was having signs again for several days toward the end of November and I finally took an opk and it was positive! It was negative later that day and for 3 days after so I must have caught the end of my surge. Sure enough 7 days later I got my first period. So my luteal phase is super short, this last cycle in Dec it was 9 days so better but I have heard bfing can make it short so I'm sure that's it. We just want to conceive before lo is one but I'm impatient. Also fun fact I should o on the 15th this month which would give a due date of Oct 8th which is dh and my sisters birthdays!

Cd7 today and started with opks. There was a line but not close to positive yet and no other signs. I'm going to try and temp just to confirm I'm actually oing but that may be a disaster since lo still wakes to eat. Also dh and I have both been sick with low grade fevers so I'm hoping that doesn't kill our chances this month.

I'll work on adding a photo but it always tells me the photo is too large and I'm not sure how to edit it from my phone so I'll have to get on my computer.

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:47 am
by Pg123
I want to start out by saying I am not sure when I ovulated. But I do have a very regular cycle (28 days with period lasting for 7 days) and when I have tracked previously my OD is usually spot on what my fertility app says. I usually do a better job at tracking my OD using OPKs but this month was a little hectic and I'm not really trying anymore just not being careful is all. I am 24 and have never been on BC so I'm very hopeful. According to my app I should have O on 1/3. My bf and I BD 12/31- 1-2. I had cramping since 3dpo- 7dpo. But today (8dpo) cramping has stopped and I'm worried that it's a sign that a BFN is coming followed by her trusty sidekick AF. Cramping has been my only real indication that I could posibly be preggo. I have had other symtoms but they could easily be from AF. I have been gassy, bloated, and emotional. I cried in front of my boss which is absolutely crazy. I felt so out of body when it happened. I also have been having mild lower back pain. I say mild because it doesn't necessarily hurt but it is an unfamiliar feeling. Aside from that nothing else makes me feel like I might be pregnant I just really hope I am. What do you ladies think. I would love to hear about your experiences and advice.

Baby dust to you all!


PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:09 pm
by sekttc
mglupe any updates?

pg123 any updates? Is this your first cycle ttc?

afm I'm on cd 16 today and I didn't ovulate :( I'm pretty sure I'm out for this month because I expect af on the 25th, but I still have a high soft open cervix and ewcm so maybe sickness and travel has just delayed o? Here is a picture of my little nugget.

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:29 pm
by Shia17
Hi Ladies,

Mglupe - Anyupdates? Has AF arrived or have you tested?

pg123 - Has O arrived? or AF? Any updates?

Sekttc - Your little boy is beautiful :D William is such a gorgous name :D So old fashioned I love it :) I'm sorry to hear your O is delayed. Althouhg the egg white cream etc sounds very promising. Hope you got in your bding :P

Ewar any updates?

AFM - AF finally arrived last sunday and is finally over today :) First period post partum sucks. I'm no longer on birth control so I now have the ability to try for number 2 :D Only issue is my OH half left for Basic training on the 16/01. So no one too try with LOL :P I'm doing ok. But I'm so sick of being asked how I am. All I respond with now is "i'm getting there". Miss my OH so much but I'm so pround of him :) Was meant to be gone 13 months but I recently suggested to him that our lg and I move with him to Victoria. Will see how he responds when he does :). Otherwise I'm doing good over this way :D Hope to hear from you soon :)

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:43 pm
by ewar
I hope Christmas and new year were great for you all!

Mglupe I’m so excited for you! Any news? Fingers are crossed for you!

Shia, I don’t know how you are going to do it. Move to Melb! We’ve been considering it recently.

Sekttc, your bubba is beautiful!!

Afm, were not trying until the end of the year as we have a wedding in Fiji where I’ll be a bridesmaid, so I don’t really want to look like an elephant. DD is 7 months old and beautiful. She was recently in the tv commercial for Love to Dream.

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:28 pm
by sekttc
Mglupe- I'm hoping everything is ok with you, waiting to hear an update!

Shia- Yay for af! Its weird to be excited to see her isn't it? My first pp af at the beginning of dec was very heavy but they have been lighter since. I'm sorry that your oh is gone at such an inconvenient time and that your going to have to wait a bit to really start ttc. Hopefully you can make some well timed visits or better yet move! Did you go back to work? Do you have something to keep you busy and your mind off things?

Ewar- thats so cool! I would love to see a picture. I have been wondering about trying to get Liam into some advertising/modeling stuff because he loves to be the center of attention and he is such a ham but it seems like it may be a big commitment and a lot of work?

afm my o symptoms were going away but then all of a sudden I started getting them again and I took an opk last night and it was almost positive and this morning it was absolutely blazing! I managed to remember to temp this morning too for the first time and it aligned with pre o temps so I'm hoping to see a rise soon to confirm I actually did o. Dh and I bd last night an this morning and he is going out of town early tomorrow. I hope there was enough little swimmers because I actually finished him via other means yesterday morning because I had given up on oing! I'm going to try and hold out till the 31st which is 9dpo and the day af is due based on my last cycle, my luteal phase was really short. I'm going to go take another opk and see if I my surge is ending. Baby dust to everyone!

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:56 pm
by Trying4Our4th
Hi ladies in New here been ttc for 4 mos now. I missed my period yesterday and been having having some symptoms. I think I'll wait to test a few more days ...i don't wanna be disappointed i guess

Re: 5dpo - Want to wait and obsess with me?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:49 pm
by sekttc
Trying4four-Wow that's way more self control than I have! Baby dust to you and keep us posted!