Worried that I will get disappointed again!

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Worried that I will get disappointed again!

Postby WanaBeAMum » Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:21 pm

HI, im relatively new here in registering but I have read this page all year since me and my husband have been trying. I am 35 and We have been trying for a year to conceive however every month we get disappointed. My question is do I get my hopes up and think I'm pregnant as I bled lightly for two days on and off and only really noticed when I went to the toilet this happened 9 days before my period is due and I had mild cramps with it. for the last week my appetite has increased and I've had bad heartburn, I've also been getting dizzy when I stand up and getting really hot and sweaty most of the time, twinges on right side of lower abdomin and headaches and also so tired lately. my period is not due until another 6 days. Could I be pregnant? or will I be disappointed again. I'm scared I'm not and may have missed my chances of getting pregnant.
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Re: Worried that I will get disappointed again!

Postby katbagley88 » Wed Jan 04, 2017 12:21 am

It could have been implantation bleeding that you experienced, so you could be pregnant, but bleeding can happen for various reasons so my advice is to wait until your period is due and take a test if its negative then you need to see a doctor about the bleeding. But your symptoms sound promising. Good luck!
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