2WW - ss or is this really happening? 9 DPO

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2WW - ss or is this really happening? 9 DPO

Postby Emmiebea » Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:24 am

So this is my first ever post but I have scanned through these forums so much over the last few months!
I'm symptom spotting liken CRAZY but something really does feel different this month.
At first I hadn't even considered this month as "THE month" to conceive as my partner was away and we only BD'd once around ovulation time (2 days before... I've read they can survive 5 days and I don't disbelieve my partners abilities as his has 4 other children hahaha)

Anyway I ov'd on Saturday 14th. Had EWCM for the 2 days previous. Tested using ov sticks.

3-4 DPO - nothing.
5 DPO - I woke up with lower back pain and some af type pains. Later on in the day I had this sharp electric shock pain in my left side, it lasted most of the day. Then turned into a dull ache. This electric shock pain was like nothing I've ever felt.
6 DPO - still have AF pains, feels like sharp pulling but now on my LEFT side. tender breasts (pretty Norma for me I always get really sore bbs before AF and last all the way up to AF beginning) have creamy CM.
7 DPO - went to the toilet and really freaked out. I stood up and felt really wet between my legs, I thought I hadn't wiped properly but it was a white milky CM, there was LOTS of it. Took Ov test - negative. Constipated. Still got abdo pain. Not gotten better at all. Sore bbs. Was up every 2 hours having a wee! Possible UTI?
8 DPO - negative HPT on IC. Still have lower abdo pain.. really low down. Sore bbs. Really tired! Frequency urinating. Couldn't eat my tea felt too sick. The smell of yogurt from my breakfast made me queasy.
9 DPO - abdo pain - feels like pulling - tired - sore bbs - nausea. No CM.

what do you guys think? What was the electric shock sensation? Can I even BE pregnant if I only BD'd 48 hours (ish) before OV????

My best friend text this morning telling me she's pregnant. I hope it's my turn next...
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Re: 2WW - ss or is this really happening?

Postby beckyrae88 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:36 am

I got pregnant this time and we DTD 2 days before O, you could definitely be pregnant.
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Re: 2WW - ss or is this really happening?

Postby Emmiebea » Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:44 am

Congratulations on your BFP!
Thanks for the reply - fingers crossed
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Re: 2WW - ss or is this really happening? 9 DPO

Postby Amouna87 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 9:47 am

You could well be pregnant :)!

Electric shock pain could have been your ovaries hun, sometimes if you ovulate strong the side the egg came from can be sore afterwards (its like that for me anyways lol) so could have been that as it would be too early for it to be baby related....

8dpo is really early so your bfn could well turn into bfp in a few days :) good luck!xxx
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