Craziest tww symptoms yet

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Craziest tww symptoms yet

Postby KLS » Thu Jan 26, 2017 3:51 pm

Where to began...

I decided to use opks for the first time this month and I swear my darkest line was on cd 5, the day af ended. Otherwise they have been consistently the same color lines.
Af Jan 12- morning of 16 Due agian Feb 7
Today I am CD15
The symptoms really started CD 6-9 with left pelvic pain ( CD 8 was actually right pelvic pain)
Cd 10 the dizziness started, EWCM, CP SHOW, Metallic copper smelling CM during BD
CD 11 right pelvic pain, headache, EWCM, CP SHOW
CD12 fatigue, dizziness, bloating/ fullness in pelvic ( not my usual bloating which is usually in my lower tummy, this feels like a full bladder but cant go) CM watery/ milky, Left pelvic pain, headache
CD 13 Fullness in pelvic again, whole body ached, backaches worst today, decreased appetite, upper inner thighs feel like I've worked out which I havent, joints started to hurt at bed time ( wrist, elbows, knees, hips, ankles) , Didnt sleep well felt like i just laid in bed with my eyes closed all night never truly sleeping, tugging behind my bellybutton, light cramping in the middle of pelvic. Increased BMs , CM creamy/sticky CP SHOW
CD 14 decreased appetite more so today, fatigue, dizziness continues, backaches, bodyaches, very bloated, increased BMs again, CMEW CP SHOW
CD15 Cm Watery CP SHOW, Bloating and fullness still there, Dizziness in waves, right and left pelvic pain, Nauseous this AM could't get my breakfast in my mouth fast enough but once I did it past, Awake at 3am couldnt really fall back asleep, Small amount of brown metallic smelling discharge in underwear midday, Appetite somewhat back to normal but felt a little queasy after lunch, headache same spot, Vivid dream last night

Any one else have symptoms like this? Didnt even know half of these related to pregnancy until I looked them up. I'm starting to wonder if my last period was really a period, cause I feel like its way to early to have any of these. took HPT CD8 and CD14 BFN.
Whatever the reason Fingers crossed!
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Re: Craziest tww symptoms yet

Postby Danaa » Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:35 am

i believe that cd15 was ovulation day for you based on all ur symptoms.A positive opk doesn't necessarily means ovulation will happen and for sure it won't happen at cd5,the egg is not mature enough to be fertilized.
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Re: Craziest tww symptoms yet

Postby katbagley88 » Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:58 am

I agree, your cervical position screams ovulation! The fact its open tells me pregnancy is unlikely as your cervix would be closed if you were pregnant. My advice is BD and quick!
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