Semi irregular periods, irregular ovulation? Help?

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Semi irregular periods, irregular ovulation? Help?

Postby Stsn33 » Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:16 pm

Hello everyone this is my first post here so I'll do the best I can :)

DH and I do not have any kids together. But we both have kids from previous relationships (so hopefully no known fertility problems, they were all unplanned)

I had a 5 year Mirena in, that I decided to get removed in August (so it was in for about 4 1/2 years instead of 5) when we decided to start ttc. I got my first period on October 6, then November 6 (ok was hoping for 31 day cycle) then not til December 16, then January 24. This month we really started bd in hopes of increasing our odds. We bd on 1/31, 2/2, 2/6-2/13, 2/15 sometimes multiple times per day. FF gives me 2/11-2/13 as possible fertile days and 2/14-2/16 as possible ovulation days.

I've been very tired the last few days even when I've gotten enough rest, headaches, having to pee, increased smells, SUPER moody and crying, increased discharge, and tender breasts, especially the left one. I had a strong pain on my right side yesterday around where my ovary would be located for about 15 minutes then cramping on my whole pelvic area the rest of the day. Could that have been ovulation cramping? (I never done temping, but this is not normal before AF)

Last few periods I've had sore breasts before AF started but nothing else. I've marked my last period as 1/24 however for 3 days before that I had "spotting". I'm calling it "spotting" because it could've been a light AF and then it was 1 day of medium flow then 2 more of light. (Before Mirena my AF was horrible after it's not bad at all so I'm still not sure what to count as light vs spotting)

I'm sorry this is so long. But could I have charted the start of my last AF wrong and ovulated earlier than I thought? Could this be a 31 day cycle again? FF is great but it averages my AF based on previous months. My next expected period is 3/2 based on FF. Today is CD 24 based off my 1/24 AF start date.
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