lost my wavy hair?

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lost my wavy hair?

Postby jarmila6 » Fri Mar 03, 2017 6:55 am

Hey ladies,

this is hair vs. early symptoms question.
I had chemical pregnancy, then the ovulation came late, between 29 - 31st CD, which makes me 12 - 14 DPO. Unfortunately, I couldn´t take my tempts on those days, so I don´t know which was the last day of low temperatures. Eggwhite cm peeked on the day 30, so the most probable version is I´m 13 DPO.
Now my question is - my hair was wavy, but it got COMPLETELY straight a few days after ovulation (as I can´t say the exact day of o., it was on 3 - 5 DPO) and has remained so by now. It has never ever happened to me before.
I know hormonal changes in pregnancy may change your hair, but this early? Also, fertilityfriend wrote my chart went triphasic on the CD 38. But yesterday the test was BFN and I feel cramps as always before getting my period.
I´m scared to test again, bc I was very disappointed yesterday so I want to wait until my period is late. My luteal phase is 15 days, so there are a few days of wait in front of me...
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Re: lost my wavy hair?

Postby 860lindsey » Fri Mar 03, 2017 7:52 am

Hi, I don't know anything about your hair being straight but I do know that before I got my Bfp I noticed a lot less hair was falling out in the shower. Also, feeling AF cramps are totally normal even if you are pregnant. With my first I felt them on and off for probably the first seven weeks. I think it's everything stretching but it feels like AF coming. Depending on the test you used it may have just been too early. FRER can detect the pregnancy hormone at six where other brands need it to be 25 or even 50. Good luck!
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