Early pregnancy symptoms??

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Early pregnancy symptoms??

Postby Jessica0789 » Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:26 am

Hi all,

I'm a 38 year old mother to 3, my youngest is 13. I've been separated from my ex husband for 10 years and was completely "cellebate" for 6 years until January when I met someone and low and behold, we had sex....3 times within a 10 days stretch.

The last time (January 22) was unprotected and ended up ovulating 2 days later :/ (I get ovulation pains each month, like a timeclock)

About 10 days after that I had a light 3 or 4 day spout of bleeding, which I assumed was my period but it was really dark blood.

Fast forward these past 2-3 weeks....I've been feeling like my period will be coming but it hasn't, I haven't ovulated again that I know of.... been waking up early in the mornings to pee , lower back ache (very mild) some blood tinged sinus mucous in the mornings, sore underarms, a couple of intense cravings.... along with a couple of more things.

I've done a home pregnancy test but it's negative, not surprising since with my 3 kids I never got a positive result altho I "felt" pregnant...(it took blood work to prove I was preg) I'm seeing my doctor this week for a blood test....

But I guess my question is this, am I right to be feeling there's a good chance I am?

I know the blood test is what I need...but in the meantime my brain is going spinny!

I've actually been so wishing for a baby but never thought it was possible.....so if I end up being pregnant I will be super thrilled and I guess the people in my life will have to get over their shock when they find out!!

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Re: Early pregnancy symptoms??

Postby tingham » Wed Mar 15, 2017 6:54 am


This is pretty cool, how'd you make out...any update?
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