I'm so confused

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I'm so confused

Postby Dani.h » Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:36 am

My husband and I are trying to conceive since January. Last month I had what seemed to be a chemical pregnancy. Tests came up positive, I had quite a few symptoms, then my period came 2 days late (usually it is bang on time) and not as heavy as usual. After that I was feeling normal again and no further test came up positive. This month since 5DPO I feel extremely weird again. That evening I had a short sharp pain but fell asleep only to wake up more than an hour later having more sharp pains and needing to go to the toilet. In the morning I noticed a small reddish brown stain.

Ever since then it is all weird but of course tests are still negative. I keep having twitching on the right side of my tummy, I feel like my period is coming when in reality it is another 5 days, but not really cramps, more a very tense feeling in the tummy. I pass a lot of gas and have the feeling I want to burp but I can't. I also feel quite tired and exhausted, and I am very bloated, too (today I looked like 4 months pregnant). Going to the toilet a lot more than usual, too. Since after lunch today I feel quite queasy, and that feeling increased a bit until now. For a few days my breasts were very itchy as well.

Either my cycle and the symptons that I usually have changed dramatically the last 2 months or could I be pregnant?

I have to add that I had severe morning sickness when I was pregnant with my daughter which set in when I was only 3.5 weeks along and lasted till the end, so it would not surprise me if I had all these symptoms early on.
Today I'm 10 do and came down with extremely bad diarrhea (sorry).
I also now have lower back pain when I sit somewhere not absolutely straight. And had a few sharp pains where my uterus is. I don't think that is from the runnies because that would be a bit higher up. I usually don't get cramping till a day before my period, and I'm not due till 15th. I'm so confused!
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