pregnant with IUD?

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pregnant with IUD?

Postby confused1234 » Sat Mar 25, 2017 7:30 am

I'm feeling really confused and also upset.. I recently got off birth control because the different options were causing bad side affects, i had a pregnancy scare in December where I had a false positive and I decided after all the stress I would get and IUD, everyone had told me it was the best option. The cramps were awful, but my boyfriend and I were having sex without any stressors....
Fast forward to this month, I've only had the IUD since Jan 31st, my period usually comes around the week of the 13th, I had spotting and sporadic cramps the entire time I had my IUD until the week right before my period, my spotting lightened up and only was there when I wiped, it was either light brown or pink - i went to the doctor this week for my around 6 week checkup and he said everything was fine and the nurse said the spotting was normal.
So, as I got my period in February, the week of the 13th came around and I expected to get a period... Surprise, no period. I'm obviously a little concerned at this point and called the doctor, this nurse who was slightly rude told me I shouldn't worry and if i was concerned to take a pregnancy test, well this was my 7th week of the IUD, way too soon (I thought) to not have a period, so I took one and it was negative.
My birthday was the 18th, so I went out to celebrate, Sunday came around and I couldn't even eat breakfast I made because I was so nauseous, I figured I was just sick from the night before, but dinner came around and I had to force feed myself at my families, I spent Monday at working sick from what I thought was the flu (girls at work have the flu), sweating, but chills, nausea, a little sore throat and falling asleep at work, my boss sent me home and I went to the doctor where i tested negative for flu and strep, and then sent me home with meds because I had been exposed, I spent the next day sleeping and sweating, around dinner some cramps came on which was a little weird to me since my cramps had pretty much stopped since that week I was light spotting, and they were a bit painful but they would come and go, still nauseous I managed to eat some food. I haven't puked yet and I'm feeling a bit better from believing I had the flu Monday, but I have been so nauseous, food that sounds really good ends up tasting horrible or making me feel like I need to barf it up, I can't stand certain smells I used to love being around, and I don't even want to eat certain foods, even when I do eat if I don't have nausea at the time, I'll get nauseous. Not only that, my nipples have been looking darker and the little bumps on them are really emphasized, they feel a little swollen but not overwhelmingly big or painful. Frequent urination and consistent headaches for the past two weeks.
I decided I'm going to take a pregnancy test this week, and I called my doctor who suggested I come in with these symptoms, but I feel like i'm going crazy - why am I so nauseous ?? and I keep getting sporadic cramps followed by feeling like I'm bleeding, but absolutely NO blood. I need some feedback.
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