10dpo, someone ease my mind lol

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10dpo, someone ease my mind lol

Postby Holsy » Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:09 am

Little back ground story on my self & Hubby, he had a reverse vasectomy in Sept 2016 we have been trying every since. Doc told us it could take up to 11 months before I could become pregnant.

Well this month is a little different with all of the symptoms starting on 3DPO. I just hope all of this isn't something I am imagining in my head.
I am going to list my symptoms up until today and you guys can help me out, maybe I wont be stressing as much.
I haven't had a child in 6 years, and he just kinda happen so never noticed any signs before finding out I was pregnant.

Ovulated on the 21st of March.
1dpo-2dpo: nothing out of the ordinary
3dpo: woke up with extremely sore breast and nipples to the point my bra was hurting them.
4dpo: BBs still sore but not as bad, gassy, bloated
5dpo: BBs still sore, gassy bloated, no CM
6dp0: BBs still sore, getting heavy and looking a little larger than before, bloated, increased appetite
7dpo: BBs still sore, gassy, bloated, clear CM, little heart burn, increased appetite, increased urination, constipation
8dpo: BBs sore, they are still heavy and little larger but feel firmer, creamy CM, heart burn, eating everything, increased urination, constipation
9dpo: BBs sore/heavy/full/firm, creamy CM but only small amount, heart burn, mid-day stomach cramping/twinges and backache like AF was coming, but still have 6 days till she shows up. Increased urination. Constipation
10dpo: BBs still sore/heavy/firm, enough for the hubby to start noticing and making comments, Creamy CM small amount, backache still active, mild stomach cramps early, AF due in 5 days.
went ahead and test this AM got a BFN. Probably shouldn't have test. Constipation.
Also had a very weird dream that I was pregnant last night, very vivid, and can remember details. (I don't normally dream, due to medication I take for migraines.)
(to feel AF this early is very odd for me considering I don't feel any symptoms until the day of and she arrives within 30 min to an hr.)

I always try to stay optimistic and hopeful, but don't want to torture myself either!!
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Re: 10dpo, someone ease my mind lol

Postby Amouna87 » Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:33 am

It's hard to tell, because pms symptoms mimic pregnancy symptoms (as if ttc isn't confusing and stressful enough lol!) so I would say you're definately not out especially as you tested very early so wouldn't expect anything to show anyways that early, but at the same time ttc can do weird things to us and make us convinced of different symptoms. I know when I got my bfp (via IVF), I was convinced it hadn't worked because I literally felt nothing out of the ordinary- so it really depends on each individual i guess

Good luck! When will you test again?xxxx
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