Leg cramps @ 8 dpo

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Leg cramps @ 8 dpo

Postby alexis0220 » Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:24 am

Is anyone else experiencing this??? My legs are very achy for the past 4-5 days. Both legs and in the same spots on each leg. Behind and the insides of my knees all the way down to my ankles. I haven't been doing anything I wouldn't normally do-- doing regular things such as housework, chasing a 15 month old, gardening. During my last pregnancy I had very bad leg cramps in the second and thirst trimester but not this early. Is anyone else experiencing this??
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Re: Leg cramps @ 8 dpo

Postby BigSazzy » Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:19 am

Hi! Curious to know where you're at now? And good news yet?
It's my first cycle ttc for the first time (have been tracking my cycle for arpund 7 years noe though as rely on it for birth as have had very bad experiences with hormonal contraception). I'm 9dpo and have had bad cramps (very unusual for me at this point in my cycle), am totally exhausted and been gettin pain in my lower back and hips plus REALLY bad leg pain exactly as you've described. I keep thinking maybe these are pregnancy symptoms but then feel like that's so unlikely to happen so quickly?! I'm worried I'm creating symptoms due to how much I want this (did try for 2 cycles last year but for the past 12 months have been able to do little to BD due to a rectal fistula, which also prevented me from ttc as needed a few surgeries, so been wanting this for over a year and not been able to start trying), but I habe never heard of leg pain being a symptom of early pregnancy so don't know why I would have created that one for myself. I've also been really snifly which I have heard can happen around implantation but I wonder if that's just hayfever and wishful thinking. I did a stupidly early yest yesterday out of excitement and could have sworn I saw a very faint positive line, but realise it's too early to test so am trying to force myself to wait until I miss my period (if I do!).
Sorry for the rambling and tmi just to ask about leg pain haha, new to this forum and just excited to be able to talk to someone other than my DH about this! X
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