First Month TTC Off BC - 6dpo??

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First Month TTC Off BC - 6dpo??

Postby Steph K » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:14 pm

So me and DH decided it's time to TTC for our first so I got off BC on 30 March (I had two more BC pills left in the packet but didn't bother) I got my period on the 2 April which lasted 6 days. I started using OPK's from CD 10 and didn't get high fertility until CD 14 and peak fertility CD 15. We BD CD 8, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 16. On CD 16, I had cramps which were like AF and need to lay down with a hot water bottle to my tummy, when I went to the bathroom I wiped and had pink blood on tp. The cramps only lasted a few hours, I went to the toilet later in the day and wiped again and had pink blood mixed in with EWCM and also a bit of blood in the toilet - could this be ovulation bleeding? I don't know whether I ovulated on CD 15 or 16.

Anyhow I have had the following symptoms (Using CD 15 as O date)

1dpo - Cramps, Pink Blood on tp, twitching in lower abdomen, Bad Headache Stiff Neck
2dpo - Headache, No CM
3dpo - Stiff Neck, Light Headache, bit bloated, No CM Was at the gym and could smell someones BO it was so strong and unbearable asked me friend who was with me and she said she could barely smell it. Peeing more than usually. Couldn't stand the taste of ham in my sandwich or ham and cheese croissant.
4dpo - Pinching feeling in left pelvic area, Brown dot on tp when wiping, CM lotiony and CP mid and soft, loss of appetite
5dpo - Weird Dream and woke up so thirsty, Ears were super hot and burning, ate a piece of chocolate and it made me feel uneasy, loss of appetite, Achy muscles and feeling like getting flu, headache, creamy CM, CP mid softy and puffy.
6dpo - Weird dream, loss of appetite, stuffy nose, Lotiony CM. Tried to DTD but hurt when DH went to far in.

I am a little confused, not sure if I could be Pregnant but I can't explain all these weird symptoms. I won't be testing until 10dpo which is Wednesday.

Can anyone related to this? Has anyone fallen pregnant straight off BC?
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Re: First Month TTC Off BC - 6dpo??

Postby Momma-of4 » Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:02 am

Sounds hopeful! Some people do get pregnant right after bcp. Good luck
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