Random vomiting, what could this be?

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Random vomiting, what could this be?

Postby lilblondie » Wed Apr 26, 2017 6:17 am

Hi. I'm pretty sure this is not pregnancy related but want to get your opinions. This is CD 18 and last night i was super nauseous and ended Up throwing up. I had no other Symptoms, i thought maybe i was getting the flu but i didn't have a fever, chills or anything just puked, that's it. I'm due here in a couple weeks for my period, so i'm sure it's too early for pregnancy symptoms. I've just never randomly puked before, normally it's because i'm sick. Today i feel fine, stomach has a full feeling but very minimal boob pain. Of course we are TTC. What do you all think about this random act of vomiting? I've only been having unprotected sex since 9 days now, is it too early to get pregnancy symptoms?

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