9dpo and new here!

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9dpo and new here!

Postby BigSazzy » Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:07 pm

I'm so happy to find somewhere I can discuss this stuff other than with my DH!
I'm new to ttc-it's my first cycle of actively trying after a year long battle with a rectal fistula that has prevented much BD from happening. We were engaged when we discussed wanting to try soon so planned to start as soon as the wedding part was over but unfortunately my fistula problems began just before the wedding so the 'honeymoon' period has not been much good for making babies.
Have the fistula under control enough to wait for any further surgeries so we have finally been able to start trying. I've been relying on tracking my cycle for BC for the past 7 years as hormonal BC always caused me problems, so feel I know my body very well. Though we were not actively trying throughout the last year because of my health issues, we weren't avoiding high fertility times on the rare occasions I was fit enough for BD as we were kind of hoping for a surprise little miracle I think.
I'm 9dpo now after first cycle of BD every day during high fertility, and feel like I'm experiencing so many symptoms that are unusal for me (at least at this point in my cycle):
- Dull ache in lower back
- what feels like menstrual cramps plus sharp pulling pains in my left side
- Bad pains in my hips, knees, down the back of my legs and in my shins (the only leg pain I've usually experience is when my siatica is playing up, but this is nothing like that)
- just can't seem to get comfortable
- very sniffly (could just be hayfever?!)
- the kind of headache I get when I'm travel sick

I did do an early pregnancy test at 7dpo (way to stupidly early I know, wanted to try for this for what feels like so long I just got so excited when my body started behaving so differently!) And Im sure there was a faint line there, but not sure that's even possibe when the test packet only says it works from 6 days before missed period (I have slightly longer than average cycle, usually 30/31 days).

I'm all over the place wondering if maybe I really am lucky enough to have got pregnant so quickly, but it seems so unlikely and I'm both terrified of doing another test and desperate to do one. Trying so hard to wait until if and when I miss a period again, but the idea of getting my period or a BFN is a lot more scary and upsetting than I thought it would be.

Definitely won't be testing so early again, and an trying to think of ways to distract my mind and calm myself down but I can't think about anything else.

I don't really know what advice I'm asking for haha, just desperate to vent I think, and maybe hear about anybody else's experiences with very early testing and if very faint lines turned into BFPs after the two week wait was over!

This has been the longest 9 days of my life, after what was one of the longest (and best but also most difficult) years of my life.

I'm so sorry if this whole post is insensitive to anyone who has been trying for longer, I can only imagine the frustration and pain of that with how crazy I feel in the first cycle, and how frustrating it was not being able to try for the past year.
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Re: 9dpo and new here!

Postby Momma-of4 » Sun Apr 30, 2017 4:33 pm

I hope everything you are experiencing is due to pregnancy. However when we started ttc I noticed things that I had never noticed before. It was like I was living in a different body! Some months I would have crazy symptoms and I just knew I was going to be pregnant. Nope! Not till 18 months later I finally had a positive hpt after very little symptoms. My only noticeable symptom around implantation time was slight cramping. So good luck and fxd you are pregnant or it happens very soon! Please update :)
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Re: 9dpo and new here!

Postby MomO2Wants3 » Mon May 01, 2017 6:23 pm

I'm new here as well and also 9dpo! Your symptoms sound promising! I haven't been pregnant in 8 almost 9 years I do remember cramping a little too early before AF. I had major cramps on 7dpo and had to leave a BBQ party early because of it. I was afraid to drive it hurt so bad. Lower abdomen and back! I have been testing everyday...I know too early but I did.ofcourse bfn! But your symptoms are similar to mine. My DF and I BD only two days before my fertile days started and 5days before ovulation. I don't know whether that it is even possible that I could be pregnant. But have had so symptoms this cycle more than any other cycle before. I don't temp or chart...Just symptom watch and read these boards to compare. LOL
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Re: 9dpo and new here!

Postby Fitzalicious » Mon May 08, 2017 9:37 am

I'm also new and 9dpo (today though). First time TTC, second cycle of trying. My cycle is super normal which is exciting (like, 1st day of cycle is the 15th). Nipples are a little sore, and I think I feel a little twinging in one side, but after freaking out all last month's cycle, I'm refraining from doing anything until after AF is due. :) That said, still obsessing over every feeling!
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