11DPO and BFNs and TONS of symptoms!

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11DPO and BFNs and TONS of symptoms!

Postby pilatesmom » Tue May 02, 2017 6:15 am

8DPO - sudden major thirst that I never have for water (I prefer seltzer or tea) and I drank a LOT in one sitting.
9DPO - metallic taste in mouth, extra saliva and nausea, moved to 1 cup of coffee
10DPO - little spotting after a BM, then bright blood after DTD, which subsided to a slight amount of pink later then nothing
11DPO - tiny bit of spotting after BM, nausea

I moved from my usual 2 cups of coffee to 1, which may exaggerate the tiredness and spaciness I am feeling. I can't explain my sensations other than it doesn't feel like my usual PMS. I have had 2 pregnancies (one 7 year old DD), one ended in miscarriage in Feb. I got BFPs that time on 12dpo, but not sooner. I hate waiting! Thoughts?
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Re: 11DPO and BFNs and TONS of symptoms!

Postby 860lindsey » Tue May 02, 2017 7:47 am

It may be just too early for a bfp. I got a super light positive on dpo11 with a FRER but got negatives on digitals and dollar store brand for 3 more days. I would test again with first morning urine in a day or two and see what happens.
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Re: 11DPO and BFNs and TONS of symptoms!

Postby bumblebee88 » Wed May 03, 2017 7:04 am

Try your best to think about something else for a few days, then test again! 11DPO is sooo early for a BFP. I know it's so hard to see a BFN, especially when you read all these stories about BFPs at 8DPO-12DPO. You could be pg and not get a BFP until 21DPO or 28DPO. Or you could get one tomorrow at 12DPO!

Also,I've learned over the last year that the only symptom to trust is a no show AF. Every month until this month I've had classic textbook pg symptoms, and AF came right on time. This month, I had no symptoms and AF is still a no show after 4 days, but I got a BFN at 1 day late (~13 DPO if I O'd at regular time). Any symptom could be a preg symptom, but you won't know until either you get AF or a BFP.

Hang in there!!! Fx
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Re: 11DPO and BFNs and TONS of symptoms!

Postby MomO2Wants3 » Wed May 03, 2017 8:07 am

I am in the same boat! I am 11dpo. My cycle is normally 27 days and I have 3 more days to go until AF or bfp. We only BD two days before my fertile window but 5 days before O day. Had to Google to see if pregnancy could even be possible for me this month.

Here are my symptoms so far:

4dpo watery discharge, gassy, bloating some breast tingles
5dpo mild cramping, bloating and gassy creamy white cm boobs tingled a bit when eating
6dpo mild cramping bloated lower back cramps went to bed early
7dpo major cramping so severe in lower abdomen and back I had to leave a BBQ party early because of it! I was afraid to drive!Went home laid straight down I thought AF was coming strong but it was too early hoping it's implantation
8dpo mild cramping tested of course bfn
9dpo mild to moderate cramping in back and front feels like AF is coming but not here tested again like a dummy...Bfn craving banana pudding really bad couldn't eat all of it because it didn't have enough cookies Lol
10dpo bfn....Mild cramping in lower abdomen and back starting to think AF is coming...Very tired
11dpo morning cramping lower abdomen and back. not going to test until AF is due don't want to be disappointed.

I don't chart, just symptom spot and read threads to compare. I will keep you guys posted on the days to come. I am trying not to test again until Friday which is the day before AF arrives, but then again I may just wait to see if she shows. Idk. This is my first time in a ttc forum. Baby dust to you all!!
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