10DPO and my Body is Driving Me Insane

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10DPO and my Body is Driving Me Insane

Postby puddlemama » Wed May 10, 2017 11:16 am

Hello everyone! This is my first post on this board, so hello!

I'm a married 29 year old queer lady who is on her very first cycle trying to conceive. I received a faint positive line on 8dpo, but yesterday it disappeared. I started spotting yesterday (CD23 - I never spot until CD29-CD30) very lightly and have been a bit unsettled in my stomach today/generally feel like I'm coming down with a cold.

I have PCOS and I'm overweight, so the idea of being able to have a baby is so foreign and out of reach feeling for me. I'm afraid I'm causing my body to spot and my breasts to hurt and I was able to smell my wife's drink from across the room today. I also am kind of worried that my body is freaking out with the introduction of semen - like maybe just having the chemical changes of the semen entering my body have caused my hormones to go wacky? I don't know, but I definitely have felt like crud since ovulating.

Anyways, I'm being cautiously optimistic and resisting the urge to pee on everything that comes my way.

Nice to meet everyone!
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Re: 10DPO and my Body is Driving Me Insane

Postby Slick » Wed May 10, 2017 4:56 pm

Hiya! Were both tests done in the morning? I think HCG is better detected in morning pee (don't quote me on that!). I realised a lot of my symptoms are normal post ovulation/progesterone stuff that happens, have you kept a diary of symptoms? I'm trying to ignore stuff that happened in previous cycles cos it was driving me a bit mental.

Not sure if semen can do stuff to you but i think a lot of women seem to get stuffy noses etc after ovulation, I know I get bouts of nausea (thanks progesterone). My sense of smell gets really sharp around AF, literally develop a meat aversion for about a week and I'm a proper carnivore! So it may all mean something, it may not!

On the whole though spotting plus a sign of BFP sound really good!! I would just test again in the morning. Good luck!! Keep us updated and please feel free to post pictures of pee sticks, I'm obsessed with those things!
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