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Postby MiaL219 » Sun May 21, 2017 6:49 am

Here's my situation, I'm ttc my second child.....

The last few months my periods have been 28-30 days (Feb 28 days, March 30 days, April 30 days)
My last one was May 1
On May 14 I wiped and had light pink
BF returned from a long work trip the 13th so we DTD 13-17
Yesterday the 20th, during work hours, I used the restroom and when I wiped, I was amazed to see pink. I wiped a few times and even pushed the toilet paper in to see if it would stain, lol. Through out the afternoon/evening, nothing.

This morning the 21st I'm having a dull ache in what seems like the lower part of my left abdomin towards the center. I woke up, used the restroom and was suprised to see a little bit of brown. Now nothing.

What the heeeelll is going on?!

With my first pregnancy, I don't remember feeling this. My IB was literally one tiny pink spot and that's if that was even IB.

Heeeelppppp me! Could it be possible I'm experiencing a different IB?? Is it even IB??

Thanks for reading this in advance
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