Looking for too much?

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Looking for too much?

Postby EmNofsinger » Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:46 am

Hello all! I am very new to this and have been reading through many post before finally deciding to join the forum. I have been TTC since January and my husband and I are very anxious to start a family.
I have had a few cycles that I was symptom spotting hoping for something but always ended with AF.

I am now on cycle day 34 - DPO 9 and I want so bad for my most recent symptoms to be from a tiny baby inside me. As insane as it sounds. This will be my first and I have no idea what to expect.
My last cycle was really off, resulted in a 4 day late period. This cycle I didn't ovulate till right before my expected period and now Im 4 days past that. I have been having these flutters/pinches in my pelvic area, as well as a full bladder feeling. Every time i pee theres not nearly enough for me to have such a full bladder feeling to begin with. I also have been experiencing lots of gas, tender and tingly nipples, and major irritability. I keep catching myself getting very rude with my hubby and feeling terrible after.
Last night I went through a drive through to get ice cream and as I was taking off the paper wrapper of my waffle cone the whole cone broke and fell on my hand. I almost started crying like a 2 year old because I was so upset. Either I am just being over emotional or I could have a little baby messing with my hormones.

The two week wait is killing me - I tested a few days ago knowing I would see nothing and of course a BFN. But I am still hopeful. Been having some thin but creamy CM and my husband of course wont listen to my symptoms because he doesn't want me heartbroken if I am not pregnant. I understand but I am so anxious and just ready to know. Friday is my day to test and it's also the day before a very big family event and the anticipation is murdering me.

I guess Im just looking for some hopeful advice, or stories of similar symptoms.
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Re: Looking for too much?

Postby Mari Mo04 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:03 am

I didn't want to read and run. Have you tested? 9 dpo is super early for pregnancy symotoms, but definitely not unheard of. I just got my bfp Wednesday and had fewer symptoms than in some of my bfn cycles. I was also taking progesterone, so a lot of what could have been pregnancy symptoms I chalked up to that. Good luck to you!
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