Symptoms or not ?

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Symptoms or not ?

Postby Bdz123 » Thu Jun 08, 2017 8:47 am

Hey everyone , I'm new to this forum so bit nervous to post !
Ok so AF is due in 4 days , I've been having a few symptoms since I was 3dpo and wondered what you guys thought ?
So I've had a small amount of cramp type pain in lower tummy area but not everyday , extremely tired and yawning literally every few minutes , all day long , very sore boobies , slight sick feeling sometimes but it passes quickly and also a need to take deep breaths a lot , as in every 5-10 mins !
Had two bfn today and two days ago , don't feel like A F is near but could just be wishful thinking !
What do you guys think ? Xxx
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Re: Symptoms or not ?

Postby Alizac3 » Sat Jun 10, 2017 3:05 am

Hey, wondering if you had an update? Sounds like it could be pregnancy symptoms.but maybe could be pls also. There have been some months I was absolutely convinced I was pregnant but it turned out to be pms. The negative hpt doesn't mean anything. With my first I didn't test positive until 6 weeks and the doctors didn't see anything on US until 8 weeks. They actually thought I had an empty sac and would miscarry. I started cramping and thought I was having a MC, went to the hospital and they saw the baby and heartbeat and everything was fine... and with my boys the tests came out positive first time I tested... everyone is different and every pregnancy is different...
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