Could i be pregnant?

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Could i be pregnant?

Postby Kayte » Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:48 am

Hi...please advice me as well...
Last month i ovulated around 1st may....with a spotting...and since thni felt bloated my breast hurt..n then i got my periods on 19thmay...which lasted 2 days..1st day was like dark spotting ..n 2nd day was like blood red color flow....n ended in 2 days...whereas my cycle is normal4 days..where i bleed fr 2 days n 3rd n 4th just this month i ovulated around 4 or 5 n no spotting so i dont know the date exact...but today 20 period is due...ive had white discharge since ovulation which stopped 4 days before expected af to arrive..n now since yesterday i again hv white watery creamy thick visible discharge...not in loads amount but 2ce or 3ce in a day..i hd unprotected sex on my ovulation days...i hv not had any pms this month which is very unusual as i bloat,get pinching pain in lower abdomen and sore breasts...only today i hv a mild painevery now n then in my lower abdomen..i had pinching pain on my either sides of abdomen which i never had before...headache now n then but not much...n mild breast soreness n i hvnt bloated...not neauseaus whole day but at night get annoying mood swing and my legs pain like severe cramps...i feel tired...i tested yesterday n today morning with a hpt but came negative...
What should i do??
Im hardly late on my periods
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