Earliest symptoms you've had?!

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Earliest symptoms you've had?!

Postby margopolo23 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:20 am

Hey there! Been trying for baby number 2 for about 6 months. I have pcos - only symptom is cysts & irregular period. I've gone a year without getting it multiple times. It's very hard to track ovulation because of this. I was fortunate to get prego with my lil Jax! May 11th I got a period with Provera. Only took it once to see if it would regulate things. July 19th finally got a natural one!! So been BD every other day since July 25th or so. The OPKs don't really work for me cause of pcos. According to apps I should have ovulated around July 31 - Aug 1st. Hard to know for sure cause I don't have regular cycle. I don't know if it's in my head but on Monday 8/7 I was having some pretty intense lower back pain. I don't usually have that. From what I've read that could be an early sign!! I didn't get a BFP for my boy until 4 weeks after my period ( I can't track DPO ) cause I never know when I do lol. So I'm curious as to what people's earliest symptoms were?! I feel like everything is just in my head cause I've been doing so much reading lol. With my first baby I had sore nipples, cannot recall if they hurt too bad but I know when I put a shirt on I was like wtf?! Haha so please share any early symptoms you had before you got a BFP!!!!!
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Re: Earliest symptoms you've had?!

Postby GKR_1985 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:45 am

I had bloating/cramping that was distinct from period like cramps. It happened before my first BFP (which ended in miscarriage) and I felt the exact same feeling before this BFP that has progressed wonderfully!

The bloating/cramping was 4-5 days before the BFP, it was definitely part of my uterus reacting to implantation. The second time around I remember thinking "this feels like the last time just before I found out...I wonder if I am pregnant?", but I was rushing around at work and didn't think any more of it.

Such a subtle thing, I would have dismissed i regularly, but it happened both times and in retrospect the timing worked out perfectly to correspond with when the baby was attaching.
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Re: Earliest symptoms you've had?!

Postby kellyK1 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:21 am

Hello, I am here for help you find the best and effective method to know if you are pregnant in a best and effective way. I am sharing you my valuable experience which I always adore whenever I go back in memory. Conceiving and being pregnant is the best and beautiful part of your life if both you and your partner are mentally and emotionally ready for this responsibility. To know if you are pregnant becomes more beautiful when you, your partner and family of both of your just want to listen about the great news.
I will list out a few possible ways to know if you are pregnant or not: the most important and instant sign you can see is the missing your period if you don’t have PCOS. Remember don’t confuse missing period with being pregnant cause it can be just a simple delay also. You can bring home pregnancy test kit if its turns negative then you are pregnant and it happens the other way you are not maybe but agin I am saying don’t think that you not pregnant maybe it would take a little time to show you the result. As many time people test and find that they are not pregnant and later on after 3-4 week they find that they are pregnant.
Maybe you may always go through the implantation bleeding if that happens please take a home pregnancy test again at the moment as well as it can show you positive signs of being pregnant. If you are taking a pregnancy test and the result reveals a faint positive line then there's a strong possibility that you are pregnant, but many time positive lines appear faded. This happens due to low levels of pregnancy hormone.
As soon as you find that you are pregnant your body begins producing hormones known as hCG. This hormone increases as your pregnancy progress. Thus a pregnancy test can vary from person to person for best of result you can consult your doctor they will give you the exact result you want. Hope this help.
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