Facial Rash? WHAT?

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Facial Rash? WHAT?

Postby craigs0521 » Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:45 pm

I am currently on cycle day 25 but yesterday woke up with this weird rash on my face. It was too bad yesterday but this morning I woke up and its red and my skin is really sensitive now. I have changed anything that would affect my skin, all products are still the same. Anyone ever get a rash of some sort on their face before your BFP? This may be a stretch but really hoping here!
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Re: Facial Rash? WHAT?

Postby heliosmusic » Fri Sep 22, 2017 2:22 am

It was an issue for me too. I heard good reviews about microdermabrasion machine https://porevacuumcleaners.com/collecti ... -extractor. I haven't tried it yet but I'm definitely thinking about it. Maybe this will help us both
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Re: Facial Rash? WHAT?

Postby ditmar13 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:43 am

This is happening the past few days with me. Mines not really a rash but tons of sensitivity & redness. Im in the 2ww & my face is very red & sensitive & my eyes are slightly swollen. I haven't changed any of my products. When I take my makeup off it feels like my face is on fire. Did you get a BFP after having this symptom? Anybody else getting this sensitivity?
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