Help! Sharp pains on my right...6dpo OR 8dpo...not sure lol

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Help! Sharp pains on my right...6dpo OR 8dpo...not sure lol

Postby MamaLynseyLoo » Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:53 pm

Ok so im in the TWW. Even though we werent fully TTC, we werent preventing anything either and next cycle was going to be our first "official" month trying. I use the cheap Easy @ Home OPKs and had 3.5 days of dark positives during ovulation. I dont temp so not sure when *exactly* I ovulated...Fertility Friend says I would be 8dpo but Im thinking more like 6dpo because I had the positive OPKs then the day it went negative I had some ovulation cramping so I was basing my days off of that being my O.

I dont know if its my mind/body playing tricks on me and wishful thinking or what but i SWEAR im pregnant. Ive had horrible nausea and one night it was so awful I did end up vomiting. Oddly enough, I puked at 11pm which was when I religiously got sick every single night when I was pregnant with my now five year old...weird coincidence im sure but it makes you crazy! Ive been way more emotional than usual, sore boobs, sensitive to the smell of booze, and my cat has been weirdly clingy to me like he was when I was pregnant.

Im also experiencing sharp pains in my right side when I cough or sneeze. They remind me of round ligament pains, but more concentrated if that makes sense??

Ive peed on the cheap HCGs daily with negatives and I know its super early but I just FEEL like im pregnant. I would be flabbergasted if I got pregnant before we even tried lol
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