Pulling pain behind belly button?

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Pulling pain behind belly button?

Postby Steph90 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:07 pm

Hi Guys,

So here is my story. As per my period tracking app I was ovulating on the 6th of September, and currently am 12dpo. All I've been getting as of late are BFN's and this is very strange to me. 6 days after my ovulation day, my hubby and I had sex, and directly after noticed a good amount of brown CM.

I have been having slight cramps and just last night felt nauseous for the first time (Could be because I didn't eat properly.) But the strangest thing happened to me yesterday evening, after sitting down in the car for about a half an hour, I got up and had this striking pulling pain directly being my belly button, and it lasted for about 2 hours, I would try and stretch or rub it out but that didn't help.

I tested again this morning and still BFN. Has anyone else experienced the same feeling? and ended up being pregnant? HELP i'm loosing my mind here lol :)
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Re: Pulling pain behind belly button?

Postby sonamgupta2107 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:43 am

Hi dear. Sorry to say but it’s just the beginning! This is my first pregnancy so I had nothing to compare it to...but it sure seemed like there were always a LOT more twinges, aches, pains, stabs, pulls, etc than I'd ever heard from any singleton pregnant friend before! I always mention anything new to my OB, but it always ends up being "normal" and I've learned to just sort of roll with the punches and get used to all of these lovely feelings! I went through a definite phase in the 2nd trimester where it felt like the underneath of my belly was going to rip open, and my belly constantly felt like one big bruise. And then, of course, there are the random, unprovoked stabbing pains that happen anywhere from the belly to what feels like right inside my vagina. Nowadays it's mostly just my ligaments screaming trying to hold up this giant belly! I will suggest you consult the best fertility clinic in Ukraine for expert advice in these matters because they are the best. Hope it helps.
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