IB or AF?! I am so confused!

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IB or AF?! I am so confused!

Postby JPjojo » Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:16 pm

Hi everyone!

We decided to start trying this month for our first together and right before my OH got a testicular cancer diagnosis. They told us to try our hardest this month because it might be our only chance for awhile or maybe ever depending on the treatment my OH needs. I have a DS from a previous relationship 5 years ago. I didn’t know I was pregnant for about 6 weeks and I have no recollection of what my symptoms were except constipation and my stomach just feeling awful. I’m really hoping we’re one of the lucky ones that get pregnant first try. I’ve loved my OH since I was 15 and we’ve tried to be together three times but he’s a chef that worked all over the world and he has always had to leave and I was never brave enough to go with him. Now it’s for keeps and this would be the best thing that’s ever happened for us, especially considering what he’s about to go through. Baby dust to all!

CD 9-11: BD’d (had slight cramping after BD on cd 10, could be from the amount of BD we were doing!)

CD 14-17: BD’d with a supposed O day on CD 17

1 dpo: bloated and gassy, just felt kind of bleh

2 dpo: heartburn, creamy cm, just tired, a little crampy, gums hurt?

3 dpo: super congested, feeling like I am starting to get a cold. Creamy cm, kind of constipated and bloated again. Gums still hurting and bleeding a little bit which isn’t normal for me. Heartburn. Having to pee pretty often but I feel like I’m drinking more water than usual maybe? Super mean to my OH for no reason. Itchy nipples?

4 dpo: Gums still hurt but I feel pretty okay (just super hungry!!!) until I have a major rage fit, then 20 mins later I’m crying watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. I start thinking maybe this isn’t my month, no cm. My head felt super weird all day like I was just out of it. Decided I’m going to stop worrying about it. I'm starving, I eat a HUGE dinner and then I’m exhausted. In bed by 7:30p. Wake up at 11pm with the worst heartburn and my bladder about to explode and my boobs are hurting. They stop hurting pretty quickly, I go to the bathroom and there’s a little bit of EWCM that’s sticky. Still constipated, which was a huge symptom with my DS five years ago.

5 dpo: HEARTBURN. Beyond exhausted but couldn’t sleep. Nauseated randomly, cramps on and off all day - not severe but enough to make me uncomfortable and backache. Right side pain in uterus area and then random hip pain on the right as well. I also had random pain in both breasts and “pulling” sensations behind my left nipple.

6 dpo: I feel great! I slept all night, no issues! Late afternoon had so much CreamyCM while taking a walk with my son that I thought AF had showed up early. Later evening itchy nipples and slight crampy feelings in uterus. Hardly slept all night after a full night the night before felt like I’m getting sick, random waves of nausea. Constipated. My boobs aren’t really sore per se; more so tender and my nipples are super sensitive to touch? Got super emotional and cried and my OH said, “why are you being so emotional right now? Did I put a baby inside you?!”. Ha! HOPEFULLY

7 dpo: Dull cramps, not sure if it’s from AF or not. Noticed that every time I felt anything in my lady parts since BD it’s been on the right side? Looked in the mirror and thought, “have my nipples always been that dark?”, but then maybe I’m just being nutso! I got super lightheaded getting out of the car. Took a four hour nap which is super unlike me, woke up with some dull cramps. HEARTBURN, ugh!

8 dpo: Nothing all day really, my boobs were a little achy but that’s it. Then suddenly I got super hot and felt weird and then had a wave of nausea, couldn’t even look at food! Nothing after that went away. After dinner I ran to the store to buy dog food and on the way home I had this weird fluttery feeling in my uterus? It was in the right side, then a few minutes later I had some sharp small pains in the same place. Gassy again and suuuuper bloated. At about 9pm I was completely exhausted, had some cramps while getting ready for bed. The feeling in my boobs is random, I think they’re a little tender as well, but only when messed with. Tested (I know it’s early) BFN.

9 dpo: tested early in the morning. BFN. Every time I start thinking I’m not I start feeling symptoms again. I’m pretty sure at this point I just want it so badly that I’m imagining everything. Holy mood swings, my son at one point called me Bruce Banner. Went to the bathroom at one point thinking AF came a week early but it was just a bunch of somewhat creamy CM. Light random cramping throughout the day. Constipated and gassy again. Random boob pain, they’re not really sore unless I press on them and it’s only in the armpit area. ALSO - I’ve had super sore and swollen gums for a few days, they’ve been bleeding when I brush my teeth. Today the swelling is gone but my gums randomly were bleeding?!

10 dpo: felt pretty normal except slightly constipated. Boobs are still tender but only if I mess with them, I am starting to feel like i'm crazy!

11 dpo: Woke up with cramps but that could have been because we BD’d 3 times last night. (I just love my OH so much!!!) Ugh - super constipated and that is so not normal for me. Took a FRER and BFN. I'm over it at this point. Just kidding, now i'm having the opposite of constipation. Having random cramping that isn't so subtle. Only thing that is keeping me holding on to hope is that now my boobs are achy and my nipples seem darker? I'm sure i'm out and AF is just moving in. :( Ate a cookie butter Oreo, immediately got sick and threw up, super sensitive to smells for the rest of the night.

12 dpo: Woke up with the nastiest metallic taste in my mouth and swollen gums. I also had slight weird cramps and heartburn. Took a FRER and a BFN. Had some nausea and now i'm bloated. A few hours later I thought I saw a super light pink/brownish streak when I wiped, checked my CM and it is creamy and light brown/pinkish tinged. Tried to eat some potato chips but they made me feel gross when I was chewing them ugh. Also, my armpits are achy toward my boobs?

I am just so confused, never in my life have I EVER had my AF show up early. I also have the most miserable and debilitating cramps on the first day of my AF and I have nothing right now. Everything I have read about IB says something about seeing bright blood and mine is not like that at all, it's just like weird light pink/brownish tinged creamy CM, just like what you might see at the end of your period but a lighter.
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