First Month Trying to Concieve

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First Month Trying to Concieve

Postby Otterrr » Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:55 am

Hello! As the title states, this past month was the first month my husband and I have actively worked on trying to conceive. I just started using the “Flo” app and based on the information I plugged in it was guesstimating that my period will be starting around the 10th. I have a slightly irregular period in that I will have a period for months in a row and will randomly skip one..I put on the app that I believe I ovulate around 35-45 days. Ovulation day according to the app was on the 25th of November and we had unprotected sex multiple times before ovulation day and on had unprotected sex on the supposed ovulation day. I’m around10 days post ovulation and I’ve noticed that for the past few days I’ve had very vivid dreams, occasional night sweats, randomly waking up at night (usually sleep really well!) very gassy, bloated feeling, occasional sharp pain around belly button, cramping feeling like I’m about to get my period, slight neasua when I wake up, uterine area feels slightly tender when I’m sitting or laying down in certain positions that usually never bother me (almost like a UTI kind of feeling without pain when I pee), very weepy/moody, crumbly discharge and a temp of 98.7...I’m a little ways off from
Being able to test but wanted to know if anyone else had similar symptoms? It feels like I’m going to get my period but I’m lacking the usual boob soreness and horniness & discharge I usually get pre-period. I’m probably working myself up over it all by getting too hopeful for a pregnancy on the first shot but alas, here I am!
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Re: First Month Trying to Concieve

Postby Amouna87 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:09 am

Hopefully you get your bfp first month! But if not then remember it xan take healthy couples a yesr to get pregnant, and for some weird reason when we start ttc we suddenly notice all these symptoms that we never did before, I swear our bodies just like tricking us lol! Good luck :)
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