Am i going to be celebrating new years with a new life in me

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Am i going to be celebrating new years with a new life in me

Postby Sweettreatmomma » Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:59 am

Ok, so my period should have been here way earlier this month.
I haven't had a period yet for this month and in 3 days it'll be a new month.
So, on the 23rd I thought for sure AF had arrived. I was cramping slightly, not like my stabbing period pains I usually get, and when I wiped I seen a drop of Brownish blood. (No clots.)
I put on a liner and went about my day.
Throughout the day I noticed that nothing was on my liner and there wasn't anything "flowing".
In fact, I didn't have the spotting every time that I wiped.
This has been going on from the 23-28th. Only when I wipe there's a tiny drop or smudge of the brownish/tan/pink. (Like a brown maroon color.)
I had noticed a week and a half ago that there were 2 days that I had nausea. I didn't think much of it.
Now I'm tired and tend to doze off a lot. My boobs did hurt for like a day, I have also had crying spells over stupid stuff. (I cried for 30 mins because I was hungry and there wasn't anything I wanted to eat in the house.)
Me and my S.O. weren't trying to conceive but we also weren't preventing it.
I have a nagging feeling that I am pregnant especially when I noticed this strange spotting instead of a period.
I told my S.O. what was going on and he said, "oh yeah, you're pregnant" and I told him I don't even know. Lol
I'm not in denial but I don't want to test until Jan. I do have 3 kids already. A 9 yr old, 7 year old, and 18 month old. I didn't have these symptoms with my 18 mth old and can't really remember all the symptoms I had with my older kids.
So I'm just wanting and in disbelief trying to push the nagging feeling away because I just had a baby a year ago and this is kind of a shock.
So what do you ladies think?
Pregnancy or a late and wonky AF trying to visit?
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