TWW, Symptoms, & BFNs??

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TWW, Symptoms, & BFNs??

Postby Princess_liz321 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:11 pm

My LMP was January 7th. I ovulated around the 20th to 21st. I'm having all kinds of symptoms, but keep getting BFNs! Is this all in my head?! Symptoms below!

▪DTD Before O Day

▪-1/O Day- DTD, PMS Symptoms, Headache, EWCM

▪O Day/1 DPO- DTD, PMS Symptoms, Sinus, Headache, Clear Stretchy CM

▪1/2 DPO- PMS Symptoms, Sinus, Headache, Clear Stretchy CM

▪2/3 DPO- DTD, PMS Symptoms, Sinus, Headache, Hungry But Full After a Few Bites, Right Ovary Pain, Restlessness But Tired, Sore Boobs Especially at Night, Dry CM

▪3/4 DPO- PMS Symptoms, Sinus, Hungry, Thirsty, Sleepy, Sore Boobs, Right & Left Intermittent Ovary Pains, Hot Flashes, Intermittent Sore Throat, Constipation, Metallic Taste, Vomited 2x After Eating Cool Ranch Doritos (Which is a Favorite), Intermittent Leg Pains, Heartburn, Corn Chips Smelled Terrible, Pigged Out- Still Hungry, Watery CM

▪4/5 DPO- PMS Symptoms, Sinus, Thirsty, Restless, Nausea, Sore Boobs, Started Prenatals, Night Sweats But Woke up Cold (No Fever), Watery CM

▪5/6 DPO- PMS Symptoms, Thirsty, Sleepy, Nausea, Hot Flashes, TERRIBLE Lower Back Pain When Passed BM, Emotional, Sore Boobs, Dizzy @ Night, Clear Stretchy CM

▪6/7 DPO- Cramps while DTD, Thirsty, Headache, Nausea, Constipated, Sore Boobs, Vomited, Sleepy, Hot Flashes, Weird Dreams, Lots of Clear CM

▪7/8 DPO- Cramps while DTD and throughout day, Nausea, Sore Boobs, Exhausted, Weird Dreams, Hungry, Emotional, Hot Flashes, Heartburn, Lots of Clear CM, Craved Watermelon Jolly Rancher Sucker

▪8/9 DPO- Sore Boobs, Nausea, Lots of Creamy CM, Nipples Turning Brown, Intermittent Cramps and Lower Back Pain, Nose Bleed Once in A.M.

▪9/10 DPO- Sore Boobs, Tested With FRER SMU- BFN, Cramps After DTD, Tired, Dry CM, Diarrhea x2, Craved Chocolate & Salty Foods

▪10/11 DPO- Sore Boobs, Diarrhea, Creamy CM, Headache, Dizzy, Weak, Thirsty

▪11/12 DPO- Sore Boobs, Clear Watery CM, Cried Watching A Sitcom, Tired, Took Cheapo Dollar Tree Test (New Choice Brand) With SMU- BFN, Intermittent Right & Left Ovary Pains, Sciatica, Heartburn, Bouts of Dizziness, Hungry, Thirsty, HOT

▪12/13 DPO- Acid Reflux, Loose BM x2, Tested with SMU Using FRER- BFN, Tired, Intermittent Lower Back Pain, Hot and Cold
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Re: TWW, Symptoms, & BFNs??

Postby Danaa » Sat Feb 03, 2018 4:28 am

The symptoms are not in your head,they are progesterone related,sadly we cannot tell the difference between real pregnancy symptoms and pms .Good luck ,i hope you get your bfp!!
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