Please help. Implantation bleed, faint pos then neg

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Please help. Implantation bleed, faint pos then neg

Postby Saiz47 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:30 am

Hi guys, I'm new to this site and would really appreciate anyone's opinions on what has been going on with my body the past month.
I am 25yo and been ttc for only around 4 months. This has been the first month using opks as my cycles really vary in length. (30-37 days)
I received a positive opk quite late in my cycle. I BD a few times around that time.. So around 8dpo I started to spot pink and then later that day dark dark brown like old period blood. ( baring in mind I have never spotted in my life) so in my head I believed this could be implantation. The next day I started to bleed similar to a period but it only lasted 24hours on and off, then it was back to spotting for one day. This was a very odd period for me as I never have a period like that.. since then I have had some symptoms such as sore nipples, slight nausea and white cm. (Normally after a period I am completely symptomless. Anyway around 13dpo so a few days after this bleed i got a faint positive test on an ic I'm sure it wasn't an evap as the line was pink when held up in the light. I got so excited and took a clear blue that night and it was bfn and then since then I have been getting Bfn.. no visible line. Chemical pregnancy has crossed my mind but wouldn't I bleed again if it were chem?
I'm around 16dpo.. do you reckon I am still in for a chance or I should just take that as a false positive and move on... I have a docs appointment next week too.. Anyway sorry for the long post I just needed to ask someone what they think. Xx
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Re: Please help. Implantation bleed, faint pos then neg

Postby Amouna87 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:17 am

I would say it was a false positive, those ICs are notorious for evaps and they sometimes do look pink too....It sounds like a strange period, for some reason our bodies like to do weird things when we start ttc lol just to confuse us more! Count day one of your cycle from your first bleed and see how you get on from there. Good luck :)
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