Confused and Excited!! Anyone else?

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Confused and Excited!! Anyone else?

Postby Shazlyn » Wed Mar 07, 2018 6:02 am

Hi all,

My name is Lyn and we (me and my DH) have been actively try for 2 years. And recently i have gone through a lot of hormonal changes as well with a lot of treatments. I have been and still am a endo patient along with Pcos and blocked tubes for 10 years. But I haven't given up on trying to get a baby naturally.I have done 3 laps for the endo and the tubes but they still keep coming back. After years of treatment I am finally ovulating and getting my periods every month and Im excited to see the changes.

Im currently 10DPO and i am having there weird feelings.

1-8 DPO I had really bad gas problem, i felt bloated always and i kept passing wind (tmi) and burping a lot due to the gas. I had cramping right after i ovulated till 7dpo. It was so severe i felt like my lower pelvic was full of gas. I had sharp throbbing pain on my left side for sometime on 6dpo. BBs are so sore and i feel like my nipples would break anytime. Creamy CM.

9-10DPO less bloated and gas but its still there. I get acid reflux as well. Got bad chest burns. and i feel like electric shocks passing through my BBs. Less CM (Sticky and watery at times).

Im really confused right now. is there anyone in the same boat as me?? :?

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Re: Confused and Excited!! Anyone else?

Postby photofashionista » Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:42 pm

Best of luck to you! Sounds like great symptoms. When will you test?

I'm only 2dpo right now. I had some spotting today but that's it.
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