My last TWW need to talk

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My last TWW need to talk

Postby Lahaunta » Fri Aug 31, 2018 6:45 am

So me and my hunny where trying for a baby, and in the middle of trying this month he cheated on me and left. This tww has been the worst. After ovulation my boobs didint hurt i figured it was stress, now im a day away from being late and my boobs started hurting real bad. I have been exspirancing a lot of discharge and had a 1 hour cramp period arpund 5 dpo. Im scared this is my month bc he left. I keep hopping for AF but im only getting small bursts of cramps and my boobs usually stop hurting 2-3 days before i start. So i dont think i will start in the next couple days. Should i test?
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Re: My last TWW need to talk

Postby 7Mk1973 » Sat Sep 01, 2018 9:53 pm

When af is a no show you should test. She also could be thrown off by the stress of your situation. I'm sorry that bf cheated on you and left. How insensitive can he be? Why on earth would he try to get you pregnant and then change his mind, not only about the baby, but you, when it could already be too late, you could already be pregnant? In my opinion, you are better off without the jerk, even if you are preggers. This is strange for me to say on this forum, but if you no longer want to be preggers by him, I hope that af is just thrown off by the stress. You can find someone better with whom to have a baby. Just my two cents worth. Karma will get him. :hugs:
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