Implantation spotting or AF?

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Implantation spotting or AF?

Postby BlessedMama » Mon Aug 06, 2007 4:31 pm

I am going crazy here. I had spotting on Saturday and Sunday when I checked my CP, not enough to show on TP though. Pink creamy and then once mucousy with a blood streak in it. Today I have cried over stupid stuff all day. Like at the drive thru at McDonalds when the kids wouldn't tell me what they wanted. :oops: I have had cramping while shopping and when I went to potty it was old creamy pink/brown on the TP. My temp had dipped yesterday but was back up today. I would think implantation spotting but 3 days of it? Would I have had the spotting before the dip too like I did or should the spotting be only after the dip? If the dip was yesterday should I have not spotted more today than the other two days? I just checked my CP again there was almost no pink, just a tad none when I wipe. Does it sound more like AF trying to come? Do you think maybe FF is wrong and I never even really Od?I did an IC test this morning and it was a :bfn: Here is my chart....

someone please tell me what you think. I am going crazy!!

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