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Postby raine101277 » Wed Dec 14, 2011 7:52 pm

Hello all! I am not new to this forum, but I don't think I have every posted on the Plus Size threads!

Anyways I am 34, and have been TTC for about 2 and half years. To make a long story short I recently had a RE consult in which the dr told me based on my latest sono, it looks like I may have Endometrial Hyperplasia. I also have a few polyps/fibroid.

Has anyone been given this diagnosis? What was it like and how was it treated.

I have an HSG on Friday and then will have a surgery to remove the polyps and biopsy to check for the dysplasia. He said the worst case senerio is cancer of course, but he says its pretty rare in young women and the best is that it will be treatable with hormone therapy and we can continue with IVF.

I am also plus size. In September I weighed 275 but started weight watchers and have gotten down to 249. Dr said that was great and keep it up. He said he thinks i am producing too much estrogen.

Anyways thats my story!

I am always looking for new online buddies. I belong to another group, but they have all received their miracles!
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