PCOS fertility issues

Is weight affecting your fertility? Talk to others in your shoes here!

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PCOS fertility issues

Postby frenchielover » Tue Nov 19, 2013 2:14 pm

Hello all. Im new on the site however i have looked at some posts in the past. I have PCOS and have been ttc for 18 months to no avail. I was referred to a gyne after 2 yrs of begging my doctor to help me. I do ovulate sometimes, but not every month, i have irregular and erratic periods ranging from 44-59+ day cycles and periods lasting 2 weeks sometimes. The gyne told me after a lap and dye my tubes are fine but my overies do have cysts but not in an extreme case. My partner has low sperm count/motility also. The hospital told me to lose weight and they will offer me icsi up to 3 rounds of. That was in June. I have about 3 stone to lose. Iam over weight. (I previously lost 6 stone) and kept it off as i was controlling my pcos with the pill. Ive lost 1 stone in about a month using slimfast which has been easy and straight forward. I was told to use metaformin but it did not agree :-( this month i have the worst pulling sensation on my left ova for about 2 days now like a pinch and pull sensation. Also occasionally waves of feeling sick... i did a test BFN on thurs last week.does anyone have any success stories in the same situation as me? Or similar? Would love to hear something positive. Thanks. Carly x
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Re: PCOS fertility issues

Postby kellyK1 » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:48 am

Hello, sending you lots of positive energy from my side. I can understand through which situation you are going through. I want to say that please don’t panic about natural conceiving problem. You can enjoy your marriage life with no stress caused due to PCOS i am here to provide you all the valuable information i have on this to clear all your doubts regarding this. I too faced the same situation similar as you years back. I then consulted a gynecologist in Ukraine to find some genuine help and valid information on getting pregnant even if you have PCOS. It’s not at all an easy job to get correct and valuable information which can clear all the doubts going in mind related to this. It’s a decision to be taken mutually by you and your husband. What first you have to do is find out the best time for you to conceive. You can go for the option which will change the imagination of having a baby in your life into a genuine reality. One correct decision can bring the blessing of a child in your life.
You can create the opportunity of having a child by making the proper decision at the correct moment and know when to try to conceive. You can conceive if you find the below-listed information all in your favor. First, you have to notice that are you having a regular period if not mark all the dates when you are having your periods and how delayed your periods are from the last once. You should know yourself only when you are ready to conceive and when is your next period and how regular are they. When we are going to ovulate it is the best time for getting pregnant. The next you can do is always having a proper diet filled with healthy vitamins and fibers. A balanced and healthy diet keeps your hormones balanced. You can do some intense body workouts which will surely help you to maintain your health from inside out. If you still find problems in conceiving consult a gynecologist as i did in Ukraine. Best of luck for future.
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