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Re: quick weight loss tips

Postby thepast123 » Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:44 am

andreamartinez wrote:I think its your diet or the food you eat and beverage you drink. Despite of being too busy with your kids and you're still stuck with your weight then I guess it's time for you to check your food and liquid intake. Avoid too much sweets and check your calories. You can also consult with specialist or a personal waist trainer. You may also try drinking fruit juices like the one that I discovered, nopales fruit - http://www.purenutritionfacts.com/nopales-benefits . Nopales benefits can help reduce sugar content in our food because it has a property that helps in reducing the production of glucose. Or you can try a combination of two different fruits. Sweets in fruits are healthy and also fruits are rich in vitamin C which is very good antioxidant to our body.

Hi andreamartinez,
you have provided nice information about weight loss, can you provide me good and specialist trainer contact details?, because I have tried more tips and suggestions but could not be able to lose my weight. so please give me specialist trainer contact information. I hope you will reply soon....
Thanks in advance
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Re: quick weight loss tips

Postby Amanda321 » Wed Jun 27, 2018 12:24 pm

"tepas hello! Thank you so much, dear. I am also gain a weight after my first pregnancy. I was slim and smart before my pregnancy. But after my pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight. I tried my best to lose it but all in vain.
I was really depressed due to it. Then after joining this forum many ladies guide me. I feared that if my husband hates me then what would I do? But thank god I am feeling changes in my weight. I want to thank all the ladies. this forum is really very helpful for me. I have also seen your link. thanks for sharing a diet plan. I really need it. Nice to meet you, dear.
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