How many days did prometrium delay your AF?

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How many days did prometrium delay your AF?

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1 day
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2 days
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did not get AF until after I stopped prometrium
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How many days did prometrium delay your AF?

Postby Ninabird » Wed Nov 17, 2010 3:39 am

Hi All,

This is only my second IUI and taking prometrium. On my first I got BFP but had MMC at 10.5 weeks. This time I am BFN at 13DPO but no AF yet. I am wondering if AF will hold off until I stop prometrium or if AF should come anyway. I am 14DPO today and usually get AF at 13DPO. I am traveling overseas for work and where I am I don't have access to a blood test. I am wondering if I shoudl stop the prometrium at this point.

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Postby flygirl44 » Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:51 am

Are you taking the pills or suppositories? I took the pills and they did absolutely nothing for me. I still had 4 days of spotting before my period and AF came right on time.

I'm on suppositories now (I'm on Endometrin, but I know Prometrium makes suppositories as well) I did NOT get my period last month on suppositories. AF showed 2 days after I stopped taking them.

I have my blood test on Mon to check my HCG levels. If I'm not pregnant, I'll stop taking them and AF should arrive on Wed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll have to take them for at least 8 more weeks though- GO BFP!

Good luck to you. It has to be hard being overseas & not being able to test!
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