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sperm donor

Postby delightfuldoula » Fri Aug 12, 2011 9:46 am

any one use one.....how did your dh feel about it? We have tried one method for 6 cycles now and have been told to move on. We have 4 kids that our biologically our but want more kids...dh seems soooo against it. He wants more kids as much as I do but he seems hurt that this may be our next step to enlarging our family. Any insights?
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Postby crowley74 » Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:15 am

I would imagine it would be very difficult for your DH.And because you have 4 children , one that is still a baby... That it would be hard for him to justify to himself his wife having children with the donation of another man... I know YOU wouldnt look at it like that, but I bet he will.Men and their egos and all .

My brother in law married my sister in law and she already had children.He choose not to have anymore children because he was worried he would then feel differently about the children that were not his biologically, and that would cause problems in what was a very happy home. Who knows what he would have felt as they didnt have more children.He was content to raise her children as his own, as the biological dad was not in the picture...

Perhaps your husband is worried he will feel differently about a baby he knows is not his biologically? And what if he does feel differently?Would it upset your home and ultimately the lives of all the kids?Perhaps he feels like a failure and seeing a child everyday that he did not produce would be a constant reminder of that failure...

Please, please, do not think I am judging you in any way, I am just asking objective questions for thought. You do not have to answer to anything!!I know the NEED us woman feel to have children, even if we already have children.The thought of getting older and never having that amazing experience of being pregnant and holding our babies and everything that goes with it again is sometimes hard to deal with.But sometimes there is no other choice but to be happy and enjoy the blessing we have in life.

Perhaps another alternative would be for you to adopt a child that needs a home?Then it would not be biologically related to either of you so you would be on an even playing field? GL in whatever you decide Keri
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Postby waitingtobemommy » Fri Aug 19, 2011 1:17 pm

What method have you used, and what are you moving on to? Have you done IUI yet? Has DH had a SA to determine if his sperm is poor quality?
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