February 2015 first IUI , cd1 today ... anybody with me ?

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Re: February 2015 first IUI , cd1 today ... anybody with me

Postby Babee2015 » Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:33 pm

Mama good luck with your scans hope they get lots of good eggs!! No doubt I'll have more questions after the appt. we have had more of a chat today since coming back from my work trip...still quite undecided but if we go ahead we will try next month if we can...very nervous about complications with treatment and possible implications for pregnancy birth baby but got to get to that point first I guess!!!

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Feb 2015 #3 IUI - 100mg Clomid 5-9, pregnyl x 2, BFN
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Re: February 2015 first IUI , cd1 today ... anybody with me

Postby lauralo » Tue Oct 13, 2015 5:27 am

Mama-in-cahoots wrote:
evanna wrote:Hi ladies! Busy today!

First off: geeks2moms!!!!!!! Congrats to you!

Ache -i hope the iui went well today and good luck tomorrow!

Jenifer- good luck to you tomorrow too!

Mama: I spent a month in beautiful bavaria! You are so lucky with the cheaper rates there. Im from canada. Similar rates as the usa... Only we don't have the shared risk plans that exist there. I think some people from canada travel to bmexico, czech, or usa to take advantage of better rates. So with the meds how many euros for ivf?

Jn, I'm just a few days bEhind you. Taking up knitting to pass time and have some house projects for this weekend to pass the time. How are you keeping your mind off the tww?

Hi Evanna, I have no idea what the meds cost as I haven't asked yet.. I really had hoped it wasn't going to come to that, but with each cycle it's looking more and more likely. I have my next chat/scan with my RE on Fri 20th, so I'll be asking. I'm sure it'll be a small fortune :roll:

Where did you stay whilst over here? We are just about an hour away from Munich and I love it here!

Hi mama, I live in Eastern Europe close to Czech boarder. Indeed Poland and Czech rep are visited by international patients, who come for treatment cause of high rates and pocket friendly prices. E.g. egg freezing in a fertility clinic In***ta- from 1 400 Euro, ivf all inclusive- from 2 850 Euro, where a clinic's success rate is about 50%. Poland (Czech too) is low cost country with great food and attractions. Mainly these are three reasons.
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