My TTC story so far

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My TTC story so far

Postby shaw2628 » Sun Apr 05, 2015 6:35 pm

Hello, I just did my IUI procedure 4/2/15. I would like to share my story with you all someone might be going through the same thing, just wanted to give some insight. I am 26 years old and my husband and I have been ttc for four years now. We decided to go to a fertility center one year ago, at that time we did all the blood work, the semen analyst, the dye test, ultrasounds, etc. My doctor did not find anything wrong with us so declared our situation an unexplained fertility case. The doctor suggested we try at least 3 rounds of IUI and if that failed go to IVF. We were about to move forward with IUI but the insurance I had through my job was no longer active (due to me resigning for personal reasons) so I had to wait for the open enrollment period (Nov 2014) to get on my husband's insurance. I was able to get added on to his insurance however it did not cover much at all. So I also got added to my mother's insurance and it usually covered 50% or more of all specialist visits. I was so excited and ready to do my IUI procedure HOWEVER, I had a period/cycle Dec 16, 2014 then it just disappeared! I thought maybe I was pregnant so went out and got tests which were all negative so I went to the doctor and they couldn't tell me anything. So once I reached the three month mark of not having my cycle I went to my fertility specialist to see what was going on. I went to two other doctors first because they were at OBGYNs and only cost me $20 however the fertility doc was $150 for that one visit. So the fertility doc told me I was not pregnant and everything looked good, she established this by doing a vaginal ultrasound. She prescribed me Provera (to bring my cycle back on) after doing research on Provera I was very skeptical about taking it but luckily my cycle came on out of nowhere about 3 days after I picked up my prescription. My cycle came on a Friday (3/27/15) and my doc office closes at 5pm on Fridays and don't open back up until Monday. I called them Monday (3/30/15) and they had me come in the following day to do another ultrasound, more blood work, and to tell me how to use all the medicine.


Letrozole for 5 days (picked up from CVS pharmacy $8

Gonal F Shot for 4 days (had to be shipped received in mail next day) $free w/insurance

HCG shot 1 day (came w/Gonal)

Progesterone 3 vaginally from date set by doc until date for pregnancy test

I went back to the doc 3/30/15 after my body had enough time to get the medicine in my system. The doc gave me yet another ultrasound and blood work and told me that she wanted me to take Gonal F shot for one more day. She informed me my I should have at least 2 big healthy follicles being the size 16+ and mine were not that day. So I went home and took one more shot of Gonal F and went back to the doc the next morning (4/1/15). YAY the doc informed me that my follicles were 16+ and perfect for IUI and my estrogen levels were high. My nurse also mixed up the HCG shot for me and gave detailed instructions on how to take that this day. I was advised that they would call me with a date to come in for the IUI procedure. They called me and told me to come in the following the day (4/2/15).


Day of IUI procedure

The nurse took my husband back first to give the semen sample, once he did they washed it down which took about 30 mins. Then they called us both back in the room and went over what I could and couldn't do for the next two weeks and had us verify his sperm by the number attached to the paperwork. They then had me lay on the table and put the needle in my private area. It really wasn't painful and took about 3 mins in total. They told me to come back in two weeks for a pregnancy test and resume normal activity. I didn't feel anything once we left UNTIL....about 3 hours after I felt extremely bloated, had horrible cramps, and got a headache. I took baby Tylenol and drunk ginger ale and I felt much better. I have not felt anything since then.



I go back to the doc 4/22/15 to get my results. my husband and I are nervous but excited. If this does not work out we will do one more round of IUI and if that is also unsuccessful we will move on to IVF. I will be sure to keep you all updated. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to write me!


My mother has BCBS insurance through her job and with her awesome insurance we only had to pay $347.00 for our IUI procedure and that covered the entire cycle/ (they doc office estimated all of the most common fees associated with the procedure).
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