I'm not understanding pre-ovulation estrogen levels

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I'm not understanding pre-ovulation estrogen levels

Postby CAndrea » Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:24 pm

This is our 2nd IUI cycle and first with injectables. I took 5 mg Femara days 3-7, 50 gonal-f 5-9. CD 9, after my estrogen had gone down and growth had slowed to almost a halt, the gonal-f was extended and upped to 100 per day. In the past, I've not had monitoring of my hormone levels like this cycle, so I don't have anything to compare. Today (CD11) there had not been much growth either so the nurse wasn't sure if my ovaries were, "throwing in the towel" or not. My numbers are summarized below. Would you be worried about this cycle? Any thoughts or experiences to share would be much appreciated.

    CD 3: U/S clear with no cysts, started Femara
    CD 5-9: 50 of gonal-f/day
    CD 7: U/S showed good results with around 20 follicles in the range if 8-10mm. Estrogen 17
    CD 9: U/S showed many follicles with the four lead follicles being from 10-12. Estrogen dropped to 15. gonal-f increased to 100 per day
    CD 11: U/S showed three largest follicles were 10, 11 and 13. Estrogen up to 67. Going to continue with 100 gonal-f for 2 days and check again

I really like this clinic and it is my first cycle there. My previous cycles have been with my OB. My issue seems to be that I don't ovulate on any kind of regular basis.

My fingers are crossed...
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