How long did you have to take progesterone?

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How long did you have to take progesterone?

Postby Comfy_Books » Sat Aug 08, 2015 8:07 am


This is my first time posting here, so a quick introduction:

I'm 30 years old and my husband and I had been ttc on our own for about 2.5 years. In 2015 we did two IUI's, the first which was unsuccessful and the second (which we did in July) may have been successful according to the HCG in my blood.

I'll be going in for blood work twice a week over the next three weeks to see if my levels keep raising, so please, send whatever baby dust you can spare my way :-)

Anyhow, when the nurse called with my BFP yesterday, I was surprised and disappointed when she said I would need to continue taking my 200 mg of progesterone twice a day.

That got me wondering, do most women who have IUI's have to take progesterone for their entire pregnancy?
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Re: How long did you have to take progesterone?

Postby southernbelle » Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:42 pm

I know it's the standard for ivf, maybe because they pay so much for it? Not sure. It's also understanding that it helps thicken your lining for that lovely bean to implant. I've personally tested with low progesterone so I have to be on it every cycle at 2dpo just in case. When pregnant with my daughter I was on it the entire first trimester.

Congrats on your bfp!
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