Just starting the TWW...

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Re: Just starting the TWW...

Postby molinari0527 » Thu Sep 17, 2015 3:15 pm

Galinah we need to talk. You said you had a trigger shot right?? How?? Why?? What???

Needless to say I saw the size of the needle today when I got my delivery. The doctor has some explaining to do! I want to cry!!! You have to tell me how much it hurt. I'm freaking out right now!!!!!!

Please help :( :( :(
DH & I have been ttc through IUI since February 2015 with donor sperm. We have DD who is 8 and anxiously waiting to be a big sister!

IUI#1- 2.5mg Femara- 3/08/15- BFN :(
9/2015 used Clomid 50mg CD 5-9. 3 ultrasounds later- no follicle growth :( onto the next cycle!
IUI#2 Clomid 100mg CD 5-9, Trigger 10/26, IUI#2 10/28- BFN :(
IUI #3 Clomid 100mg CD 5-9, Trigger 11/27, IUI 11/29- BFN :(
IUI #4 Clomid 100mg CD5-9, Trigger 3/5, IUI 3/7- BFN :(
IUI #5 Femara 5mg CD5-9, Trigger 4/3, IUI 4/5- BFN :(
IUI #6 Femara 7.5mg CD5-9, Trigger 5/4, IUI 5/6- waiting...
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Re: Just starting the TWW...

Postby Galinah » Thu Sep 17, 2015 3:44 pm

Don't panic! The trigger shot was nothing! It didn't hurt at all!

First - it it goes in your belly, not your arm. In my case, way more fat there! So, much less tender!

Honestly, aside from a little pinch, I didn't even really feel the trigger shot. I was in a bit of a daze, because it meant everything was starting to happen for real. But, otherwise, really no big deal.

I didn't really even feel any side effects until way later - and, can't even say for sure if it was side effects, or pregnancy at this point. After all, that's what it mimics. The Clomid will have kick started that for you.

I am online for a little longer (I see you are too) if you want...
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