First IUI in December...

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Re: First IUI in December...

Postby scarletWillow3086 » Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:51 am

Hey ladies.

I've been following along on your conversation over the past week and wanted to chime in and give my support.

rubeyth, Welcome to the IUI board, but I am sorry for the circumstance of it. I understand the frustration of everyone getting pregnant around you (I mean, is it in the water?). At the same time, NOW all I'm hearing is about women who got pregnant by IUI and IVF. I don't know many women who got pregnant naturally anymore (or they lied about it being all natural) - it seems like a lot of women went on fertility drugs or went through procedures. Maybe thats why people are congratulating you - they think its a sure thing? I agree that its odd to congratulate someone on infertility treatments - its such an emotional roller coaster ride. What is your status right now?

mini, I'm sorry about AF :( IUI can be very emotionally draining, so maybe it'll help you to take a break from it this month.

DG, I'm so incredibly sorry about the test results for your DH, but I'm glad you finally have answers about what is going on and why you haven't gotten pregnant. It must be a semi-relief to have real answers. IVF with ICSI is the approach that I would think is best as well based on what you are saying because its not the sperm dna that's the problem, its the size. They could definitely take care of that with ICSI. What is your timeline for the IVF cycle? I agree that I don't think everything happens for a reason either. I honestly don't think I'd be a better mother or person now than if I had gotten pregnant right away. Infertility treatments are NOT a "blip" in your life - I think it always stays with you, and now that I'm meeting more and more pregnant women, I still don't feel like I "belong" to these groups because they complain about things I would never complain about or act snobby about things that I couldn't bring myself to behave. I'm sorry that you don't have the support system at home (I didn't either, and its so hard) - remember we are all here to hear the rants always.

AFM, my 20-week anatomy scan is tomorrow morning, so we are looking forward to it. DH and I get nervous about every milestone - will every body part be normal and working properly? Its a huge what-if mental game. DH's cystic fibrosis test came back within normal limits for the sweat test, so now we're waiting for the results of his father's genetic carrier screening for a final diagnosis. He may have to take the sweat test again because it was near borderline. Otherwise...we're in saving-money mode! Lots of stuff to buy this summer.
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Re: First IUI in December...

Postby DG123 » Thu Jun 02, 2016 3:55 pm

Hey ladies,

Just thought I'd check in - it's been a few days.
Thanks for the kind words, as always, Scarlett. I don't think I'll ever fit in with the 'pregnant' crew either, if I get that way. Keep us posted about the anatomy scan! Sounds exciting. I'm sure everything will be great!

Everyone else - hope to hear from you soon. I know it's a busy time of year! I have been hunkered down writing report cards and getting stuff finished up for the school year, but I won't complain because as of July 1st I am off for two months!

Also I forgot to answer about acupuncture times at some point. My acupuncturist recommends you go every two weeks - close to ovulation and close to AF to regulate your hormones. I don't know if it's doing anything to my hormones but it is certainly keeping me very calm!!

I am certainly relieved to have a medical answer as to why we are having problems. It makes everything seem different somehow. My DH feels great to have an answer too... even though it is in him (but who knows, I could have problems too we don't know about yet). He is just happy to know what is up!
We went for IVF consult yesterday. All went great. Seems scary but I know TJ has been through it and I know a few people personally that have been through it to that I can ask questions to if I am nervous. I had to have some bloodwork updated but I should be good to go for End of July or August start up! I'm looking forward to it for some reason hah!

Hope everyone is keeping their spirits up!
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Re: First IUI in December...

Postby Yellow578 » Thu Jul 21, 2016 10:57 pm

Omg ladies I'm sorry but I'm so happy this thread is still active! I think I joined for our second iui round and unfortunately it didn't work and neither did our third. We are on our fourth and final round (the hospital won't allow another round and will outsource us to a facility that handles ivf). Triggered last Wednesday and had a double iui Thursday and Friday. Today is 6 dpiui from the second iui.

Scarlett - you're amazing supporting this group when you've "graduated" to the BFP board :)

DG it sounds like you're trying holistic methods. This round I've downloaded a free meditation app and using it any time I think too much about the tww or if I start stressing about anything. I'm also going to acupuncture twice a week. I'm hoping this stuff will be the additional boost on top of all the scientific study. I'm hoping this is what does it for you too!

Mini - ugh that's just the worst. I took a lot of time off because of scheduling issues and just needed a break from this whole thing. Hopefully this break is what your mind and body need for bfp the next cycle you try!

Ruby - welcome and hope you aren't here for long :)
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