2nd IUI Today

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2nd IUI Today

Postby heartNsole » Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:13 pm

As a lesbian couple, we wish we could get pregnant "the ol' fashion way" lol!
We did our first IUI last month. We are using donor sperm and a fertility clinic. My wife is the one who is going to carry our child. They put her on 50mg of Clomid. We did home OPK, and blood work and ultrasounds. They scheduled the IUI when they thought it was time. I think we missed it. We went through the dreaded TWW and got a BFP and AF. :(

SO we started the process over again. 50mg of Clomid again. Home OPK, blood work, and multiple ultrasounds. They scheduled us the next day (today) for the IUI. Last night she got ovulation pain in her left side (where her mature follicle is). This may be TMI but she said she had cloudy sticky mucus. Today, the nurse who was doing the IUI, swabbed good clear mucus and said that was a good sign. About an hour or two after the IUI she had some cramping and then it went away. We both have a better feeling about this time around. We are really hoping for a BFP. Now the TWW. Any advice or stories?

Oh and here are the sperm numbers for try 1 and try 2-------

Try 1:
Final Insem Volume 0.45 mL
Concentration 50 M/mL
Motility 66 %
Progressive Motility 86 %
Total number motile 14.85 M/mL

Try 2:
Final Insem Volume 0.52 mL
Concentration 67 M/mL
Motility 52 %
Progressive Motility 73 %
Total number motile 18.12 M/mL
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Re: 2nd IUI Today

Postby EmilieTX » Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:21 am

We had our first IUI on the same day :)
Same situation my DW and I just started this journey.

I'll be your TWW buddy
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