March 2016 IUI

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Re: March 2016 IUI

Postby Nickysy » Mon May 02, 2016 7:15 am

Wow, thats awesome shalu! Congrats.. Have a safe and smooth pregnancy..Unfortunately for me, we didnt ttc after our first iui. I was put up on bcps for a month, and this month i am out for work related travel. Good luck to you and enjoy being preggos
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Me(33), DH (31), Ttc#1 since Sep 2015
Mild endometriosis and PCOD diagnosed feb 2015, DH: Slightly low morphology, great counts.

Nov-Dec 2015- Clomid plus trigger- BFN
HSG-Feb 2016: Tubes perfectly clear
March 2016 IUI: Clomid+Estrogen+ HCG trigger+ Progesterone: BFN
Feb and March 2017- IUI ( Clomid + Hcg Trigger+ Progesterone)- BFN

IVF#1- May-June 2017: 6 embabies frozen on day 3. No fresh transfer.

FET#1- Oct 2017: 3 embabies * day 3 Transferred. Chemical pregnancy.
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