IUI #2, lots of symptoms...

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IUI #2, lots of symptoms...

Postby jlpark » Sun May 01, 2016 1:35 pm

So, we have a 2yr old daughter, used IUI and Donor sperm to conceive here (3rd go, mc 1st IUI, BFN 2nd). We have just started again - BFN IUI #1

Have been different this time.
Only one mature follicle at scan, but estrogen went from 1000 to 2000 suddenly so nurse thought there may be two. No trigger injection as I surged on my own.
Used 50mg clomiphene for 5 days, and Puregon 150 twice. Same as with daughter.

Had mild low abdo discomfort for days from about 4dpiui.
Mild nausea occasionally.
CM never really dried up completely, but wasn't a lot either.
Very tired last three days (7-10dpiui)
Copper taste in mouth 6dpiui
Felt like getting a cold last night. Very tired this morning even though early to bed.

10dpiui today - spotting but red? Normally get spotting pre period anyway but usually brown. Mild discomfort in abdo but like it was a few days ago.
Tired still.
Feeling sad.
BFN on FRER this morning - tho not first morning pee.
Have had implantation bleeding before (with MC) that was like a gush of red, then nothing (thought period had arrived). Nothing with daughter.

So, wondering if could be implantation bleeding and should I wait and see if it continues? Period due in 4 days...

Only having three goes this time as can't afford to bankrupt ourselves trying to have another. So if AF shows.... :(
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