Specialist and hopefully IUI in September

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Specialist and hopefully IUI in September

Postby rubeyth » Tue May 24, 2016 1:36 pm

So I've had tests run with my normal doctor and it came back fine except I don't ovulate regularly and I've had a LEEP procedure, which I've read can make it difficult for the boys to get where they are going because of scar tissue. So between that and my husband only having 2.5% good shape when he should 4%, we've been referred to a infertility specialist. We had been NTNP for almost 3 years and decided to try harder and have tests done when this all came back.

So we have our consultation July 6th and hopefully nothing worse comes back with any other testing they will do. My doctor thinks an IUI is my best choice right now. Due to short term disability insurance that I just signed up for, I can't be pregnant until September. I'm hoping we get everything in order and ready to go by then. It doesn't take longer than that for them to let you have an IUI does it? And how has others experiences been with IUI? I have a girl at work who just had one. She'll find out in 2 days if she's pregnant! It's nice having someone I work with going through the same stuff. Well that's my story!
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Re: Specialist and hopefully IUI in September

Postby melsnh1985 » Wed May 25, 2016 7:18 pm

IUI is our next step, too. I just had a LEEP in March so we are still on our mandatory break, but we are just NTNP during that time. We went to an RE in April and they were ready to do the IUI my next cycle if we had been ready. He believes my issue is a cervical issue. I would think it would be a case by case basis, though, and would depend on the dr in regards to how quickly they can get underway. I had already been through a Laparascopy, HSG test and 3 months of Clomid before I went so he seemed confident that we had exhausted our other options.

Good luck! I hope you get your BFP!
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